Russia Definitively Leaves the Baltics, Selling Its Assets

What the Baltics have wanted for so long comes true. Russia is quickly leaving them. Thus, the Russian giant Gazprom traded shares in the Baltic company “Conexus Baltic Grid”, which manages the gas transportation system in Latvia. Gazprom makes it clear that the Baltics are no longer of interest to it.

But this is not the first time Russian enterprises have left the Baltics. The Russian “Uralchem”, “Akron”, and “Novotrans” left. Getting rid of its assets in the Baltic republics, Russia proves not by word, but by deed, that it has no interest in the region.

Interested in the fight against “Russian occupation”, entire sectors of the economy tied to some industries to Russia simply disappeared. One of the first to disappear was the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in Lithuania, which operated under the control of Russian “Rosatom“. Instead of an exporter, Lithuania has become an importer of electric energy.

Latvia was afraid of another phobia – the “economic reoccupation” that Russia could do as a result of a program related to granting a residence permit in exchange for investments. All transactions started to be approved by state security bodies. Who would want to work in such conditions?

Russia, in response to provincial rhetoric, built new gas pipelines, laid railways, built modern ports in the Baltic Sea, and started to work directly with Western clients, adding a significant profit to Russia’s budget, and not to the Baltic States, parasitising the profitable transport corridor.

The Baltic patriots achieved their goal. But for some reason there is no great joy for getting rid of the threat of “Russian occupation”? Because the money rivers flowed in a different direction.

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