Russia Dispatched MiG-31 to Syria?

Translated by Captain Ahab


The following article mentions what we all already know – that the S-300 SAM system was dispatched to the Russian base in Tartus. However, it includes an additional detail – that the MiG-31 was also dispatched. While the mass media does not include the quote of Igor Konashenkov about the arrival of this jet, we cannot know for sure whether it is true or false. The very nature of the war in Syria is based on simulacrum and diplomatic statements that are designed to keep the opponent guessing. Thus, we as consumers of media, in order to not confuse the map for the territory, should also remain on our toes…

The Russian Defense Ministry announced through its spokesperson that it had delivered a battery of S-300 air defense system in addition to the MiG-31 fighter jets to Syria, to protect the Russian naval base in Tartus. Russian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday the delivery to Syria of the “S-300” advanced air defense system, as well as advanced fighter jets. Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov confirmed that “Russia sent a battery of anti-aircraft missiles S-300, and also fighter jets MiG -31 to repel any attacks on Syria.”

Konashenkov added that “such a system is intended to ensure the security of the naval base in Tartus, located in the vicinity of the Russian Navy ships working group”, stressing that it is “purely a defensive system and does not pose any threat to any party.” He said that the United States foiled all cease-fire agreements in Syria, so “its inability to separate the so-called opposition from Al-Nusra, and allowing the terrorists to resupply and reorganize”.

The S-300 system is one of the most advanced air defense systems in the world, manufactured in Russia, Israel had tried to prevent Russia from delivering the system to Syria, since it poses a threat to Israel’s fighter jets. News leaks had talked about Russia sending the S-400 air defense system to Syria after the downing of it’s air craft by Turkey, near the Syrian-Turkish border, in order to protect its aircrafts in Syria. The announcement of the delivery of the S-300 system to Syria, after the US’s cessation of coordination with the Russians in Syria and the collapse of a fragile truce reached between the parties early last month.

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