What Russia Has to Be Grateful to America For…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Selivanov

And nevertheless I found what Russia has to be grateful to America for!

For twenty five consecutive years the United States, using the absence of the Soviet Union, was robbing worldwide. And were proving to us that everything on this planet is decided only by military force, and nothing else.

And everything invented by them for the colonized Papuans, like us – democratic nonsense about “the new wonderful world”, where all common people will love each other akin to long drawn-out kisses, and where the crucial role will be played, just imagine, in the service sector and “soft technologies” – don’t cost even the paper on which it was written.

Already at this time it was clear to the most smart of us that all “soft technologies” will be destroyed during the very first artillery shelling, and that fairy tales about the vegetarian world are intended only for slaves who aren’t permitted have weapons and military organization because of their status. And that this rule doesn’t extend to the owners of the planet. Otherwise, how will they – the unarmed – rule the whole world?

And then, at last, not only the most clever, but also the majority finally understood what was known to every Soviet school student of elementary grades. Only 25 years were needed in order to understand that the Soviet newspaper “Pravda” indeed wrote the truth. And that the bourgeois were hoarding mountains of weapons not for the love of collecting, but exclusively, with its help, to have as many slaves as possible and to mistreat them for their own pleasure.

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Before our eyes they did it more than once with different starry-eyed people, who for some reason decided that the turtle is a fool only because it carries heavy armor. And when we, during 25 years, saw how it was being done; when we understood that might is right, except against other might; that to smell the florets and to hope to survive on this planet will not work. So then we again fell in love with our native Army, and again agreed that if we don’t feed it, then we will feed another one.

And then, Russia. having definitely rejected very strong Papuan foolishness with its glitches about “common love and goodwill to men”, and started to stamp in three workshifts high-precision “Kalibr”, “Iskander”, “Yars”, “Armata”, and other spirit-lifting “Triumf” with “Kornet” in order to itself feel, following the American science learnt up to the eyeballs, once again a respectful and worthy nation. And she succeeds in this very well. So thanks to America! Who indeed taught Russians! To their own detriment.


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