Russia Has Solved the “Swiss Issue”, Twice in Fact

Why “Swiss” issue? Well, simply because Switzerland is rather tightly tied to several key issues in the gas development of the Russian gas industry and if one of them is known to the general public, then the other is quite specific and few know about it.

I will start with the first:

The construction of “Nord Stream-2” was carried out by a Swiss company, although the owners were American citizens. And when the State Department announced the sanctions, of course, the pipe-laying vessel stopped working and was replaced by our already well-known “Akademik Chersky“. But it worked quite far from the Baltic Sea, and it would seem: why not immediately use this ship to complete NS2?

Here, on the one hand, Gazprom hoped that it would be possible, and on the other hand, Chersky was involved in another project, quite important for Gazprom.

Chersky was reserved for work on the Sakhalin-3 project. This is a combination of several gas fields and related tidbits and the reserves there are very, very tasty. But like everything in this world, delicious things are not without some unpleasant ambush. In the case of Sakhalin, the ambush is the very geographical position of these deposits. First of all, they are offshore, and the ice situation in the Sea of Okhotsk is always difficult and quite long-term.

And here the second issue appears, as a result of which ours navigated around Switzerland.

For seven months of the year there is ice there, and for the rest of the time there are huge storms. This is why Gazprom is producing underwater oil there, which is unique for Russia. There is an underwater mining complex. It looks like a kind of octopus, the pumps are in the wells and all the gas is collected through pipelines in the collection point (manifold).

In Russia such systems were not produced, there were enough above-ground deposits, naturally that it is imported and precisely Swiss. We remember that mining started in 2013, and a year later the first sanctions were imposed, de jure for some rubbish, and de facto for Crimea.

Naturally, the Swiss firm obeyed and repairs and maintenance stopped. You think this is over? By no means, Gazprom thought about its future and decided to entrust the development of such equipment to someone in Russia.

The development of the domestic underwater mining complex started in 2017 at the request of Gazprom in the St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau “Malakhit”. At the moment it has already been developed and is being built by several companies, all of them domestic. And the development of modern technologies is always a plus.

This way Swiss companies have lost both a customer represented by Russian companies and Gazprom, as a consumer of quite unique equipment. It is not iPhones – here engineering and technical solutions are quite specific and losing leadership in this industry will be quite painful, from the point of view of finance.

Well, and the main result is as usual: our “western partners” with their sanctions only achieved the fact that Russia got new technologies and loaded its design bureaus and factories with new products, whereas western enterprises lost orders, so sometimes there is the desire to say – more sanctions please, good and various.

Analizator, Zen Yandex

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