Russia Is Absolutely Unique

NEW – September 28, 2022

If we measure Russia by eastern or Western patterns, then it turns out that Russia is absolutely unique. I’ll explain now. In 2000, the GDELT program was launched in the West in which all information on the history of 7 countries from 1801 to 2000 was digitised: the US, Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, China. These were empirical generalisations, and on the basis of this digital information, a certain corridor of possible development was developed.

It turned out that according to this program, 6 countries developed along the corridors of their development. But Russia has developed in such a way that its history is completely impossible. To balance it out, they decided to push Turkey, believing that it would be together with Russia. But no. It was together with 6 countries. That is, it turned out that from the point of view of the logic of the development of Eastern and Western societies, the history of Russia is impossible.

In 2012, the program was closed, and the CIA took it “under itself”, the process continues there. It’s about figuring out the weak points where to hit so that the system collapses with one blow. In ’96, I also wrote a paper explaining that there are much more similarities between East and West, from a certain angle, than with Russia. But do not think that only the development of Russia is so contradictory. They have their own contradictions, and we need to study them!

Andrey Fursov

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