Russia Is Building High-Tech Giant Plants

Despite the constant beliefs of domestic and foreign moaners that no plants have been built under Putin, and all Soviet enterprises have been turned into shopping centers, today I will risk to talk a little about one mega project that is born before our eyes despite all viruses and crises.

Perhaps there isn’t a single person in our country who hasn’t heard about the gas pipeline “Power of Siberia“. To date, the project has been 100% implemented by “Gazprom” and put into operation. Within three years it will reach its designed capacity, and in five years it will pass the payback point and start to bring a net profit to the country.

Many may now argue that Russia drives resources abroad, sells them cheap, and soon we will run out of them, and there will be nothing to use to heat ourselves with… But this is far from the case, as the gas reserves at the current level of operation will suffice almost until the end of the century, and there are likely to be projects to create thermonuclear reactors that will end the coal-hydrogen era.

From the beginning, “Power of Siberia” will be supplied from the Chayanda field located in Yakutia, and in the future it will be connected to the huge Kovykta gas field located in the Irkutsk region.

I hasten to calm the fans of apocalypses, as the gas produced at the aforementioned fields is very “fat” (in addition to methane it contains a lot of other useful components). Russia is completing construction of the world’s largest natural gas processing plant on the border with China in the Amur region.

The Amur Gas Processing Plant will filter the gas going through the pipe to China and produce helium, propane, butane, ethane, as well as the pentane-hexane group. Propane and ethane will be used to produce our usual polyethylene and polypropylene, and helium will be useful for the most high-tech production, from medicine to space.

Russia will supply only methane to China.

A river port on the Zeya River, roads and railways, and new residential areas in the town of Svobodny will be built to operate the plant. More than 3,000 jobs will be created.

This is how Russia creates the production of demanded goods with the deep processing of raw materials and high added value…

Divannyy filosof (Zen Yandex)

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