The Turning Point Came as Russia Kicked the US’ Ass in Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson


By creating in Syria the anti-terrorist coalition with Iran, Iraq, and possibly Turkey, the Russian Federation is fundamentally changing the balance of power in the Middle East region. Thus, the turning point has already come, said the political consultant and editor-in-chief of the Politrussia website Ruslan Ostashko declared to the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.

Now it is possible to say that the president of Russia Vladimir Putin used the weakness of the USA at the time of election campaigns, and created a community of countries that are capable of destroying the plague of international terrorism in the shortest period of time.

“Now is the moment when the Americans simply are not able to make certain crucial decisions because they don’t know the policies of the new administration and don’t know who will be the new President. During this time we managed to negotiate with Iran, which is very important, about Tehran granting the Russian Air Force the use of their military bases. Here it should be noted that Iran hasn’t officially allowed other Armed Forces on its territory for more than 70 years. The first time they made an exception is for us. At this time publicly and when the United States is the most vulnerable. The State Department already voiced their disapproval of the situation because the appropriate talks weren’t held with Washington, and it was done very quickly, at a high pace. Similar comments from the State Department say that it is painful, sensitive, and unpleasant for them,” the political analyst noted.


In addition, the Russian military coalition joined China, who made the decision to provide humanitarian aid to Damascus and to send military experts to train the Syrian Army. And the training of military by experts is, in fact, opens the door to participation of the Chinese military in the conflict.

“Of course, the Chinese army won’t land its descent near Aleppo, but military experts of China will precisely appear here, and will study the situation. And knowing the Chinese, who make informed decisions and think a hundred times before making a decision, it is possible to say that Beijing is absolutely sure of a positive outcome of the military campaign of the Russian coalition against ISIS. A victory speaks simply — we don’t want a monopolized influence in the Middle East, we are ready to build a multipolar world with different centers of forces and influences, including Chinese. Now the Chinese provide humanitarian aid and send military experts, and then we give them a part of influence in the region. And we are not against it because it is normal,” emphasizes Ruslan Ostashko.

Besides this, Moscow doesn’t need anymore the international military coalition headed by the USA, as Russia possesses all that is necessary for a victory – modern arms and support of Middle Eastern partners – Tehran and Baghdad. And now Beijing was added to this company. However, most of the current situation should worry not so much Washington but Doha and Riyadh.

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“The placement of our long-range bombers in Iran is a direct military threat to those countries who support the ISIS terrorists in Syria. As far as I know, Qatar already changed their tone in negotiations with Russia and became very friendly and started negotiating with Moscow regarding cooperation agreements in the region. In fact, having used a semi-annual pause and an extremely limited range of diplomacy with the USA, Vladimir Putin is engaged in redistribution of spheres of influence in the Middle East. And it has to rejoice us because we are recapturing a very important market and region following the current prices of oil,” the expert concludes.

Certainly, the State Department will not leave, and in the future we can expect certain provocations. Nevertheless, the turning point in the Syrian conflict already came, and the decision of China to enter into our coalition, and not the American one, speaks volumes.

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