Russia Knows the Vulnerabilities of the US Army, and Will Hit Them Accurately and Powerfully

One of the most powerful armies in the world, the US one, is absolutely helpless without support from the sea. And modern Russian advanced weapons offset its strength.

The US army cannot fight without the support of its navy. The reason is the geographical location of the United States and the spread of military bases around the world.

Although there are many military bases in the United States, in the event of conflict they cannot fight for a long time. They need support. The movement of significant forces to participate in operations is possible only by sea.

The main active military compounds are factions that include aircraft carriers, combat vessels, submarines, and transport ships to deliver weapons and live equipment.

U.S. naval groups are powerful, but the ability to defend themselves is modest, especially in relation to advanced systems that have recently arrived or will enter service with the Russian army. These are the “Kinzhal” and “Tsirkon” hypersonic systems, which are capable of overcoming any modern air defence systems.

The main target for them is precisely aircraft carriers. Having sunk or seriously damaged them, the group immediately falls apart. Without aviation support, it also becomes prey. And if a nuclear charge is used as the warhead of missiles, one strike will be enough to scatter the entire carrier group.

Modern anti-ship weapons of the Russian army are the most important deterrent against aggression. The US understands this very well.

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