Russia Prepares Tribunal for Ukrainian War Criminals

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Investigative Committee of Russia collected evidence of the crimes of the Kiev authorities against the civilian population in the east of Ukraine, reports “Izvestia”.

Among the persons involved in the criminal case, it is noted in the publication, are Oleg Lyashko, Igor Kolomoisky, Arsen Avakov, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, Valery Geletey, Viktor Muzhenko, Stepan Poltorak, UAF commanders, and also participants of the attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev.

“The investigative committee is investigating such crimes, being guided by norms of international law and Russian legislation, which allow to bring to trial foreign citizens who committed crimes outside our country if they haven’t already incurred punishment. And such crimes have no statute of limitation. And our investigators will take all possible measures so that sooner or later the performers of these crimes against civilians, as well as those who gave the orders, incur their deserved punishment,” the official representative of the department Svetlana Petrenko told the newspaper.

Also she specified that the collected materials for the investigation of crimes connected with the use of forbidden means and methods of war can be transferred to the International Courts of Justice, or an especially created for this tribunal.

130,000 people are interrogated as witnesses and victims of the criminal case, and more than 200 judicial examinations were carried out. About 20,000 citizens are recognized as victims.

“The collected evidence testifies to mass violations of human rights and freedoms and to the humanitarian disaster caused by the criminal acts of the Ukrainian troops, which have continued for a long time on the territory of the southeast,” declared the Investigative Committee.

In addition, citizens of the Russian Federation are also involved in the criminal case.

“It is no secret that during the conflict a quantity of citizens of the Russian Federation supporting radical groups – “Right Sector”, UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) and others – left from the territory of the Russian Federation to Ukraine,” said Petrenko. “These citizens subsequently joined the ranks of the voluntary nationalist Ukrainian battalions ‘Aidar’, ‘Azov”, and ‘Tornado’.

It is known that not all of them took part in military operations in the territory of Ukraine, and that they didn’t commit serious crimes against humanity, but were at the same time abandoned by the present Ukrainian government. They are refused citizenship, and from obtaining a Ukrainian passport. But these people are afraid to come back home, being afraid of criminal prosecution in Russia. In each specific case verification is carried out. And if there isn’t any objective data about the commission of crimes, the person can’t be brought to trial, he has nothing to be afraid of”.

As “Politnavigator” reported, the military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios refused to answer the question about the number of war crimes committed by UAF since the beginning of so-called anti-terrorist operation, because according to him, it doesn’t improve neither the moral spirit of the Ukrainian army, nor its perception by society.

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