Russia Sent Two Ka-52 Helicopters to Chase Provocative Ukrainian Boats Away From the Crimean Bridge

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Russian naval combat aircraft simulated an attack on the Naval Forces of Ukraine’s armoured boats, which continue to wait for a possibility to enter the Sea of Azov, despite the statement of the Russian Federation about the closure of the Kerch Strait after the provocation carried out by Kiev on the morning of November 25th.

“At 13:12 the arrival of two Ka-52 attack helicopters of the Russian Armed Forces on a combat course was recorded,” it is said in the statement of the command of the Ukrainian Navy. They claim that the helicopters “with the support of on-board weapons control systems escorted the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

“The ships of Ukraine’s Naval Forces have been waiting for three hours to pass along the Kerch Strait,” it is said in the statement.

It is also interesting that the Ukrainian side reported about the named reason for blocking the waterway.

“At 13:42, according to ‘Kerch traffic control’, traffic on both sides of the bridge was blocked in connection with the mooring of a tanker from the Sea of Azov underneath the bridge,” it is said in the statement made by the Ukrainian  navy.

The head of the Crimean office of NTV Oleg Kryuchkov who is in Kerch reports incident details in the blog.

“At about half 13:30 two Ukrainian artillery boats and a tug approached here. And after they understood that everything was closed off, they crawled away towards the anchorage accompanied by two Ka-52 helicopters. There is no movement in the passage now. A cargo ship was moored between the arches of the bridge. Now a Russian patrol ship approached. Everything is blocked,” said Kryuchkov.

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