Russia & the US Did Not Share the Road in Syria

While the 2020 International Army Games were being held near Moscow, real road battles without rules broke out in Syria. The skirmish between the Russian and American military in the northeast of Syria was the first serious incident in recent times, during which the army of the “last superpower” was encircled in all respects. And, as is expected of losers, the Americans started to complain about their fate and the “bad Russians” who violate the protocols of deconfliction in Syria.

Kommissar Yarrik, head of the military-political Telegram channel Astra Militarum, discusses the results of the collision between Russia and the US on the highway in Hasakah province, the sneering of American soldiers, and a worthy response to the “hegemon of the western world” in the Middle East.

A “fight without rules” in the Syrian desert

During the entire period of instability, the Syrian Arab Republic has already become a field of confrontation between the conventional western world and independent sovereign states. The confrontation between the world powers in the Syrian scenery was particularly vivid on August 26th 2020. On this day, the Russian military was conducting a planned patrol in the Syrian province of Hasakah, when they came across “International MaxxPro” American armoured vehicles. The Americans planned to interfere with the patrol and force the Russians to turn back.

Nevertheless, our military was not afraid of such insolence from the US – and entered into a real road confrontation with them. As a result, a BTR-82A, “Tigr” and “Tyfun” armoured vehicles, as well as a “Ural”, were able to outrun and block the Americans, while an Mi-8 helicopter covered them from the air, pinning the Yankees to the road.

Concussion from arrogance

The result of the “road rally” in Syria became known in the late afternoon. As was stated by the central command of the US armed forces in its draft statement, which was made available to the American media, after a clash with Russian troops in northeastern Syria, four soldiers were diagnosed with “concussion symptoms”. Another informed military source also said that several Americans were injured in the incident.

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“The video of the collision, which appeared on Wednesday, showed a Russian vehicle ramming an American vehicle, and a Russian helicopter flying low over American troops,” according to an article published by Politico.

If you look closely at the video, you will find that there was almost no “collision” or “ram” — just some sharp rubbing together. However, the American media did not fail to state that the Russian vehicle deliberately rammed the coalition’s armoured vehicle. And in general, according to Washington, Russia allegedly violated the deconfliction procedure in Syria, which involves the mutual exchange of information between the Russian Federation and the US, as well as notifications of each other’s actions.

Your own fault

It was inevitable that higher powers would intervene in the dispute between the military. On the night of August 27th it became known that the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milly contacted the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, army General Valery Gerasimov. The US military tried again to talk about Russian soldiers in Syria, repeating the phrase about “gross violations” of the agreements.

In response, Valery Gerasimov drew the attention of the American side to the fact that the command of the international coalition was notified in advance of the passage of a column of Russian military police in the specified area – all in accordance with existing agreements. However, this did not prevent the US military from attempting to block the Russian patrol, as a result, the Military Police forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation took all necessary measures to prevent an incident.

So it’s your own fault, fellow Americans.

Reaction of sane people

The result of the story was logical and predictable. The head of the Russian General Staff put his American colleague and those who tried to “snitch” on Russia back in their place. Only the American media, which once again started anti-Russian hysteria, are not appeased. However, they still do not want to come to an obvious conclusion: if the Americans are acting on the territory of Syria as interventionists, and Russia is helping Damascus to resist the terrorists legally – which of the two sides has no place in the “sand”?

The reaction of a sane person to the incident, however, appeared among the venerable figures of the “power bloc” on Telegram messenger. So, the journalist and war correspondent Aleksandr Kots is sure: the Americans are to blame for what happened on the highway near Hasakah:

The Americans were told to blame themselves… And (the Russian military) secured the effect by hovering the helicopter over the enemy.

The Telegram channel “SILOVIKI”, recalling the incident in the Kerch Strait on November 25th 2018, when the ships of the Coast Guard of the Border Service of the FSB of Russia rammed the ships of the Ukrainian Navy, believes that the Americans will soon recover from their “injuries”. However, their sense of pride was deeply wounded:

These images from Syria can be watched again and again. The great army of the world is being chased across the field like hares. And this is also taking into account the fact that the Americans understand that Russia will not open fire at them. They are not even worthy of it.

The same opinion is held by Russian journalist and deputy of the Moscow City Duma Andrey Medvedev. In his opinion, over the past 50 years, the Americans have never been faced with the fact that they are being “chased through the desert and kicked like hooligans who crossed the line”. All of this stems from the fact that the previous victims of the American army were invariably weaker than it – but when faced with an enemy of equal strength, the Americans folded:

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“The Saddam-era Iraqi army was large, clueless, and technically backward. The Afghan Taliban are not an army in the full sense of the word, but rather masters of guerrilla and sabotage warfare (although in the end, it seems they are the ones who are winning Afghanistan). The Libyan army or the army of Yugoslavia simply could not match the American military power. And now the Americans ran into the Russians.

And it turned out that only in American cinema are Russians such stupid goofs in earflaps and with vodka in their pockets. The bold Russians appeared and were not afraid of the formidable image of the US army. On the contrary, the American military was warned a couple of times, once told off like boys – ‘Tell your general that…’ – and when they pretended not to understand, they started to be struck.”

What’s next?

As we understand, this incident between Russia and the US in Syria is not the first, and won’t be the last. The US has been repeatedly accused of gross violations of the reconciliation process in northeastern Syria.

The most high-profile incident among the events of the last year was the shooting in Kharbat Khamo, when the US armed forces engaged in a firefight with the Kurds who blocked a convoy of 6 American vehicles. A 14-year-old teenager, Faisal Khalid Muhammad, was killed in the clash. Back then bloodshed was stopped thanks to the Russian patrol, which intervened in the situation.

On the other hand, we already know of cases when the Russian military showed ingenuity and resourcefulness in order not to come into direct contact with the Americans. So, two months ago, in a similar attempt to block the patrol, armoured vehicles of the Military Police bypassed the American APCs on the side of the road and continued along the planned route.

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Unfortunately, all these incidents will continue as long as the US military continues its occupation regime in the northeast of the Syrian Arab Republic. And let the western media try to present everything in a black light – our military did everything correctly.

Because – as already mentioned above – the Russian military is in Syria officially at the invitation of the legitimate government. But no one invited the Americans to the Middle East…

Komissar Yarrik

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