Russia at the UN Described Who Kindled Hybrid War in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On 31.03.17, Russia took part in an organized-by-Ukraine informal meeting at the UN headquarters devoted to the problem of hybrid wars. During the discussion the Second Secretary of the permanent mission of the Russian Federation at the world organization Stanislav Aleksayev responded to the latest batch of accusations concerning the role of Moscow in the conflict in Donbass, having reminded how the armed confrontation began.

The diplomat agreed with the statement of the organizers of the meeting that the most important stage of hybrid war is “the preparatory stage”. “This is clearly visible in the example of neighbouring to us Ukraine,” noted the representative of the Russian Federation. He paid attention to the statements of the former Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who, following the results of a trip to Kiev in December, 2013, “said that her country spent $5 billion on the ‘development of democracy in Ukraine’.

“The results are known: ‘democracy’ brought people to Maidan and put them in front of a false choice between the East and the West,” reminded Aleksayev. “From the scene the necessary answer to protesters was prompted by prominent European and American politicians, including Victoria Nuland herself. And then, following the standard scenario of the Yugoslavian Belgrade (and any other color revolution): the same fighters in masks, the same bulldozers on the main streets, the same slogans, the same sponsors. In February, 2014, this ended with regime change and the elimination from power of the legitimately elected president Viktor Yanukovych”.

According to him, it’s “quite explainable” that not all residents of Ukraine wanted “to be reconciled with an anti-constitutional coup”, but in response the new Kiev authorities announced “all discordant inhabitants of the southern and east areas of the country as terrorists, and began against them a military operation, and subsequently – the blockade of Donbass”.

“All this is accompanied by aggressive censorship in the mass media and by laws that limit the use of the native for the majority in Ukraine Russian language. And such is hybrid war. And responsibility for it completely lies on the government in Kiev, which doesn’t wish to listen to its own people,” concluded the representative of the Russian Federation.

Attempts to justify inaction

He explained the offer of the Ukrainian side to develop the definition of the term hybrid war as an attempt “to justify their own inaction” and unwillingness to “immediately start the implementation of the political part of the Minsk Agreements”. According to him, instead of implementing the agreements, Kiev “prefers to name any self-invention as hybrid war”.

As the diplomat stated, in the event of a continuation of the discussion in the UN on this subject “it is necessary to rely on the totality of international experience”. “Eventually the ‘patent’ for hybrid wars belongs precisely to those States that speak more than most about the need to resist them,” he emphasized, having reminded about the events in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, the so-called “Arab spring”, and “color revolutions” in the post-Soviet space.

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“The change of regimes – it is exactly for this purpose that hybrid wars steadily served, in which the logic ‘all means are good’ dominates,” he specified. According to him, these means include direct and hidden support of oppositional movements, unilateral sanctions, activity of non-governmental organizations similar to the Syrian “White helmets” and the manipulation of information.

Aleksayev reminded of the campaign launched by the USA in 2003 with the aim of proving that Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq is engaged in the development of chemical and bacteriological weapons. On February 5th, 2003, the U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council, showed allegedly test tube with Iraqi anthrax. Subsequently it was found out that his arguments were in many respects inexact or forged, and that the test tube with an infection – fake. According to the Second Secretary of a permanent representative of the Russian Federation, “this forgery became the cause of death of hundreds of thousands of people”.

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