Russia Will Have More Armed Forces

NEW – August 29, 2022

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 575 from August 25, 2022, establishing from January 1, 2023 the regular strength of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the amount of 2,039,758 units, including 1,150,628 military personnel, caused considerable resonance. It was immediately estimated that these figures increased by 137,000 (7.2% and 13.5%, respectively). This is a significant increase, corresponding to approximately 10-11 combined-arms divisions, and it applies only to military personnel, that is, those who – by conscription or contract – are assigned the duties of preparing for armed defence and the armed defence of our country itself.

In many publications, this increase is linked in various ways to the implementation by the Russian Armed Forces of the special military operation for the demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine. But even if we leave aside the date of entry into force of this document (and by January 1, 2023, the fighting on the territory of Ukraine may well end) and refer to previous presidential decrees on this topic, the picture will be as follows:

Column headings left to right: Date and decree number, Staff number of the Russian Armed Forces, Number of military personnel

Thus, there is only a return of Russia to the situation of 2005, when there was no question of any large-scale military actions of our country outside the national borders.

It is important that the current restoration of the size of the Russian Armed Forces is taking place in fundamentally different conditions than those that existed 17 years ago: this also applies to the military-technical equipment of the Russian army, and the sharp increase in NATO military contingents on our western borders. As is known, since March 29, 2004, ten Eastern European countries have joined the North Atlantic Alliance during four expansions: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Montenegro. Plus the “military development” of the territories of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine by the United States and its allies. As we can see, Russia for many years did not respond to this by increasing the size of its Armed Forces — however, maintaining the necessary level of defence capability due to their systematic modernisation.

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However, with their dismissively inadequate response to Russian security proposals and their growing all-round support for the neo-nazi regime in Kiev and its armed formations, including operational control of their actions and threats to launch a full-scale military conflict using weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, the collective Western countries in their attempts to weaken and destroy Russia have crossed almost all possible and even imaginable “red lines”, therefore, restoring the size of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in this situation is an absolutely necessary preventive measure in response to a new, qualitatively higher level of external threats to our country.

If Washington, London and other capitals of the member states of the alliance of democracies are planning and preparing to expand the range and escalate a “hybrid” proxy conflict with Russia — for example, at the expense of Poland, the Baltic republics, the Romanian-Moldovan alliance, or the activation of “hot spots” in the Caucasus and Central Asia – they should know that our country has the ability to adequately and effectively respond to such provocations.

By the way, one of the factors indicating that the United States is following the path of escalation of the conflict is not only the current manoeuvres of the US Navy with the entry of an aircraft carrier strike group into the Mediterranean Sea, not only orders to transfer new military contingents to the borders of Russia and specifically to Ukraine, but also the recruitment of 87,000 agents to the federal tax service. The latest action cannot be considered a purely internal matter of the United States, since this country extends its tax and financial laws to all countries of the world and to all transactions involving US dollars. So a considerable part of these new agents – by the way, who have the right to carry and use firearms – after appropriate training and accompanied by “real” military personnel may well appear in conflict zones with Russia.

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The problem here is also that the Pentagon budget and its associated expenditures have long been firmly inflated to the maximum limits, and the increase in the volume of incoming taxes is supposedly “expenses for income”, and the US Congress will be much more loyal to such an expansion of law enforcement agencies “through the back door”. And the topic of US militarisation in this context will not be raised at all. But double, triple and other standards of the Western “rule-based order” have long been no secret to anyone in the world. And the recipe for countering them is also well known — this is order in our tank and other units. Their quantity will now increase – not at the expense of quality. And as for their specific provision with the necessary forces and means, for some reason there is no doubt about this…

Aleksandr Maslov

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