Russian Admiral: If the American Navy Enters the Black Sea, It Will Not Come Back

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The military expert and rear admiral Vladimir Bogdashin, commenting on the plans of NATO for giving Ukraine additional support, reminded that under the international Montreux Convention, all ships, except aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, can come into the Black Sea and remain there for some time.

“The country needs to notify Turkey, and then they can come,” explained the expert. “The Americans have been using this convention for a long time. In 1988 we rammed an American cruiser, after this American ships didn’t come within 150 kilometers of our coast.”

Therefore, Ukraine has the right to invite American ships. But it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to invite more than three-four ships there. That’s why it will be a voyage, a cortege, the demonstration of a flag – anything. But for us it isn’t interesting or a danger. It is simply ridiculous. If the entire American sixth fleet comes into the Black Sea, it won’t come back from there, I promise you,” explained the vice admiral.

The day prior the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance man expand its presence in the Black Sea, it was already discussed at an informal breakfast with the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence Stepan Poltorak.

“We have various trust funds, support in cyber security, cooperation in the water area of the Black Sea. We are discussing the possibility of expanding our presence in the Black Sea, where in several days exercises with the participation of NATO ships will take place,” said Stoltenberg.

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