Russian Admiral Vladimir Bogdashin: The Americans Are Building a Black Sea Control Point in Ochakov

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The US intensified its intelligence activities in the Black Sea after the reunion of Crimea with Russia. This was stated in the “Svobodnaya Pressa” studio by the rear reserve admiral Vladimir Bogdashin, who commanded the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet large anti-submarine ship “Moskva”.

“The group in Crimea is of particular interest for the US. They have developed reconnaissance posts and groups in the territory of Ukraine and Georgia. They clearly monitor what is happening with the fleet, and not only,” said Bogdashin.

He is sure that the US has long planned to create a reconnaissance center in Ochakov and is now under construction.

“The Americans have developed the port of Yuzhny near Odessa for a long time. They created a school for Ukrainian non-commissioned officer’s structure. Of course, they want stationary points in order to determine influence in this area. Ochakov is a good place at a sufficient distance both from Russia and from Turkey. It will be a control center,” said Bogdashin.

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