The Russian Bear Goes Out to Hunt

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Don’t read or watch BBC, CNN, and Deutsche Welle today, and even more so Ukrainian newspapers – this hysteria is dangerous for the psyche. And in fact Moscow is only beginning to asymmetrically respond to the ultimatums of the West…

“Because the world is ruled by dogs…”

Yegor Letov

“Bear goes out for hunting – to strangle the dogs…”

Yana Dyagileva

The day before yesterday on the website of one of the leading American news agencies, in the “Opinion” section, an article appeared in which there is an extensive discussion on the theme that “now Putin’s culpability for the downed Boeing is proved, that’s why the fate of Gaddafi awaits him.”

Brainwashed Ukrainians are jumping higher than usual about this topic, gloating, “yeah, now our great American master will punish you cursed Vatniks”. Although in recent years they would should have gotten used to everything always occurring in accordance with the Ukrainian proverb “It didn’t happen as was expected”.

Firstly, let’s be honest, it’s not Lockerbie that killed Gaddafi, but for trying to introduce the gold Dinar, which would allow African countries to abandon use of the dollar.

Secondly, Gaddafi was killed just after he handed over those responsible for the attack, paid compensation to the families of the victims, and in all the rest he also made concessions to the West. Because this audience operates on the principle of “devour the weak”.

Thirdly, any responsibility for the downed Boeing has not been proven by anyone. It’s from the same series as the “doping scandal”, when two months after the Olympic games the IOC declares “I don’t understand why the Russians were disqualified.”

Hitler at his time staged a provocation in Gleiwitz. The Americans blew up their own warship to wage the Korean war. It was also them who set-up their passenger liner in order to enter world war I. It was also them who blew up their own WTC towers to justify the invasion of Afghanistan. They shook the fake vials to invade Iraq (and later, killing half a million people, said “we made a mistake, I’m sorry”). And the script for the downed passenger plane was invented already by them back in the 1970’s. This by itself suggests who the true culprit of this disaster is.

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Fourthly, Gaddafi really had no army, modern air defense systems, and nuclear weapons, but Russia has. Therefore, the United States can only send their military special forces.

Fifthly, Russia is tired of the dull jumping and antics of the Americans, and she said about the impossibility of execution of the agreement with the United States on plutonium in a unilateral way. So now they can store the waste from nuclear power plants in Obama’s backyard. Or in Hillary Clinton’s kitchen, we don’t give a sh*t.

And we will be able to resume the work of the agreement on plutonium (as is mentioned in the bill) only after the USA will:

  • reduce the number of its military in Europe at least to the level where it was before the entry into force of this agreement;

  • give up the unfriendly policy towards Moscow;

  • lift all sanctions against the Russian economy;

  • cancel all decrees and laws on assistance to Poroshenko’s regime;

  • pay compensation for damage caused by the sanctions (including forced counter-sanctions).

And if they will still continue to grumble, Rogozin nevertheless will realize his dream and will give them a trampoline instead of a space program.

And he will also mass stamp 100,500 hypersonic missiles, which are inconceivable to a rapidly ageing, not-completely-pro USA, with warheads from not-used-till-the-end plutonium.

In the 90’s, when Russia was passing through liberal decline, and its Club of the Funny and Inventive People was joking that “If necessary, we will f**k NATO all the way till the NetherGlands”. And now, thank Tulkas, it’s not the 90’s.

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