Russian Citizens to Be Banned From Entering Ukraine Unless They Renounce Putin’s Policies on Camera

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukraine can start to allow citizens of Russia to pass through the border only if the guest or the border-crosser from the Russia Federation publicly renounce the policies of President Putin, to declare that Crimea belongs to Ukraine, and that the Russians are fighting in Donbass in an unleashed-by-the-Kremlin war.

This was reported by the volunteer Roman Donik on his page on Facebook, adding that the video confessions of Russian citizens will be released in the public domain. According to him, currently the package of documents for the Verkhovna Rada is being prepared, to restrict the entry of Russian citizens who do not support independence and  the liberation war of Ukraine.

“We’ll hold negotiations with the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Yarosh, Teteruk, Rychkova and others, in order for them to support it. To introduce this from the side of the Bloc of Poroshenko will not be a problem,” stated the volunteer.

According to him, not so many Russians go to Ukraine or transit through Ukraine, and to track their behavior and statements is not difficult.

“The database will be formed using all pearls found on social networks. All Ukrainophobic statements. In addition, a “window of knocking” [denouncement – ed] will be opened. On neighbors, enemies, friends. Everybody who will be noticed making anti-Ukrainian statements in support of separatism will be turned back at the border. All who was denounced will be questioned “on camera” on several issues. Whose is Crimea? Who is Yanukovych? For what was Maidan? Are Russians fighting in Donbass? Who started the war in Donbass. After this, so that people don’t lie too much, all these videos will be posted in the public domain.Those who are sympathetic to us, have nothing to hide. Anyway we will win very soon,” said Donik.

Thus, according to one of the authors of an initiative, with this bill the entrance of potential spies, subversive elements, and Ukrainophobes will be limited.

“And don’t come to our place for food. There is import substitution, let them use it. This bill will in accordance with the system being developed by the center “Mirotvorets” on the recognition of faces from a database of terrorists and their supporters, by video cameras at the border. With little effort and minimal state funding, all border crossing points will be equipped with passport scanners. You scan the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, and that’s all. And whether go away, welcome, or questions about Crimea and Donbass on camera,” specified Donik, adding that this initiative will find support in Europe.

Earlier, people’s Deputy Dmitry Yarosh stated that under certain conditions, he is ready to give the order to “remove this power”.

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