Russian Constitution Amendments & Western “Black Lives Matter” Madness

In Tampa, Florida, 200 looters robbed a Walmart hypermarket. In Atlanta, 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks died after he, during his detention, rushed at the police, who were trying to take away his taser, and… that’s right, now the American Maidan has one more Heavenly Hundred fighter. And again streets were blocked and buildings were burned. How does the president respond? He tweets: “LAW & ORDER!”, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”. I might not believe it if it wasn’t coming from Trump’s verified Twitter account.

Shops are openly robbed in London, crowds on the streets brutally beat up white men. London is generally a separate topic, a whole series of videos kind of hints that even in the city centre, if you have the wrong skin colour, it is dangerous to show yourself.

My English is not good, but I think online programs are deceiving me by translating the slogan “Black Lives Matter” as “Черные жизни имеют значение”. Watching black protesters in London knock a black store owner senseless during a robbery, it is hard to believe. The words “only” and “correct” are definitely omitted here. The mob determines whose life is correct and whose is not by a momentary impulse. And certainly no one remembers about the killed policemen, including black ones, by the way. Not those lives, either. As well as the lives of those whose shops have been looted, property has been destroyed. It’s such an interesting segregation.

You know, I have little idea of the appearance of such appeals in Russia. No matter how naive it may sound, but for 40 years I got used to the fact that all people are equal in our country, whether it is the USSR or Russia. That I or my wife will not be approached by a mob on the street, or asked to kneel and kiss a shoe as compensation for oppression. And it would be absolutely wild to see law enforcement officers or military personnel who represent the country on their knees. This, by the way, is one of their main tasks, so that no one will bring us to our knees. Ever.

The opposition has a favourite phrase “We want things to be like they are in the USA/Europe/NATO”, etc. No, thank you. We can do without it. Yes, we do not have so much “fun”, especially that of a raging mob. But it is better if there is never such fun at the expense of other people’s lives and fate. And on July 1st, we have a vote on amendments to the Constitution. Now it is already obvious that this is not just a step towards strengthening sovereignty – it is an increase in the divide between our life and the moral imperatives that are forcibly imposed from the outside and are alien to us.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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