Russian Deputy: Nationalists in Ukraine Can Seize Nuclear Power Plants on the US’ Orders

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Evgeny Fedorov considers that a team of nationalists can receive the order from abroad to commit sabotage in the nuclear power plants of Ukraine. This was stated by the politician on “Teoriya Zagovora” program on the Zvezda TV channel.

“On the territory of Ukraine there are groups that are under the control of the US CIA. I.e., not simply some radicals. And Americans will give such the command. They will not allow Poroshenko to interfere. They will give the command to battalions to seize some nuclear object,” explained the expert.

Fedorov added that in Ukraine a technogenic catastrophe can result from these actions.

“I think that such a scenario is quite possible with further consequences. Either in the context of blackmail of a technogenic catastrophe, or in the context of a technogenic catastrophe itself,” noted the Deputy.

The Ukrainian journalist Yury Kot also considers that radicals are ready to sabotage their own nuclear power plants if it helps to strike a blow on Donbass.

As a reminder, in May, 2014, about 40 members of the Right Sector organization tried to occupy the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. However, nationalists were prevented from accessing the object by dozens of soldiers of the internal troops of Ukraine.

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