Russian Filmmaker Konchalovsky’s Response to 5th Column Journalist About Russia & Putin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Bykov: But what temptations do the current Russians have who say that Crimea is ours? After all, they understand everything.

Konchalovsky: “Your language and words says about you that the picture of the world is absolutely clear to you. You know what is good and what is bad. And it is unlikely that you reflect that you are a prisoner of your conception. I would suggest that you sit in prison of your conception. But in fact everything in the world becomes both worse and better at the same time. “Worse” is always more obvious, because it always declares itself louder. It seems to me that horror stories and talk about fascism in Russia is ready-to-wear form of cheap clothing, like “Pret-a-porter”. Not many understand that Russian culture is a huge archaic plate, which lies on the whole of Eurasia and dates back even not to Slavdom, but to pre-Slavdom, to the very pagan ancientry. From Byzantium we inherited Orthodoxy, but we did not inherit any Judaic scholasticism, nor Greek philosophy or Roman law. And this is at the same time our insufficiency and our advantage. And no one was able to shift this tectonic plate to date. And it will structure any power according to its imagination: how it should be.”

Let’s agree, this plate is now starting to erode…

“What should I be in agreement with? With what you believe in? Your hopes that you pass off as reality? The wisdom of Putin precisely consists in the fact that he catches these gravitational waves, in contrast to other politicians, who the people now dislike. Putin relies on this tectonic plate, this is his strength, why would he want to meet the expectations of our “friends”?

He’s the kind of leader that we need, it is for this reason that Russia in the 21st century has the best chance. And when the “Ministry of Truth” of the collective Western world is indignant that Putin “wants to change the existing world order”, it modestly fails to mention that today it is a world order that corresponds to the interests of America. I must note, to my chagrin, that this world order comes to its collapse, and no recipes on how to salvage the Anglo-Saxon world are working.

The first to understand it, as always, were the British. Do you remember in the movie “Garage”, hero of Gaft says: “To betray at the right time is not to betray, it’s to foresee!” The British are masters of foresight! The Queen of England makes a curtsey to the Chinese Communist, helping him into the Golden carriage — could you imagine seeing such a thing? So, back to the crisis of the Anglo-Saxon world order — Putin very clearly makes them understand that the dollar does not have to lead the world economy. Everyone who dared to do this before him was physically eliminated. Kennedy, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi… De Gaulle was lucky — he died a natural death. Today nobody dares to do this, but Putin did.”

You know Andrey… To hear from you the word “Anglo-Saxons” — I really didn’t think it would arrive. Next, perhaps, will be “geopolitics”.

“The word “Anglo-Saxons” has no negative meaning. They were always the most advanced ideology of Imperial expansion. Already influential English court astrologer, mathematician, astronomer, geographer, and secret agent John Dee in the late 16th century, in letters to Elizabeth I, convinced her of the special world mission New world. He was involved in the secret foreign policy of the Queen was at the forefront of the struggle against Russia. By the way, John Dee signed his secret messages to the Queen by the nickname “007”. England was always afraid of competing with Russia. She constantly pit Russia against other States. Half a century ago, the British Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston admitted, “how hard it is to live when nobody is at war with Russia.” Here there is nothing to add! Trying to weaken Russia, the British have always successfully fought us by proxy — French, German, Turkish. It seems to me that the revolutionary agitprop of Mayakovsky at the time of the 1920’s fully corresponds with reality. There is a world capital, “three fat men”, about which Olesha guessed ingeniously — it is exactly like that what world imperialism looks like. Of course, Rockefeller and Soros have a CLEAR idea of how the world must be formatted. But, let’s agree, to take into account their opinion would be a mistake, Gaidar and Chubais already tried it… Now the “fat men” will also have a showdown. For example, the European Rothschild clan compete with the American Rockefellers not for life but for death. If you suspect that my responses smell like “vatnik”, I don’t mind. You can consider that I’m a vatnik.”

But Russia does not develop, it rots, about which great chances do you speak of?!

“It is your point of view – one of an infinite number of points of view of other people’s thinking who are convinced that their understanding of the problem reflects the truth. I don’t find it productive to argue with you. However, I can notice that such categorical CLARITY is not the best position in order to at least somehow come closer to understanding the truth. A careful attempt of evaluation is a characteristic of Eastern wisdom. Today’s European categoricalness is largely the result of the abundance of instantly available information on the Internet, where banal truth is mixed with brilliant insights and becomes lost in the ocean full of trash.

The abundance of information has led to the banalisation of the concepts and the desacralization of world values and to “FULL CLARITY”. Such clarity can be very dangerous and destructive. Now try to refute a few facts: Russia, under Putin, became one of the centers of global politics. No one serious decision in the world can be made without the participation of Russia. This applies both to political decisions (for example, attempts to revise the outcome of the Second World War) as well as economic (the world prices for oil, gas, etc.). And you say that Russia is rotting…

Another issue is that the crisis of the world political system, as well as an incredible reel of lies and filth pouring from the common-to-all-western-countries “Ministry of Truth”, together with different kinds of sanctions, forces Russia to flex her legs and overcome all bumps and ruts, and also to take adequate measures to preserve its statehood.

Yes,  there is frost in the air, but a “little freeze” – as was said, it seems to me, by Pobedonostsev — is the best condition for the Russian state… that is to say, “in order to not be spoiled”…

And so, it seems to me that our country rarely was in better condition than it is now…

I cannot resist, I noticed someone’s remark from the environment of “intellicons”: “…We are self-indulgent, sirs. We eat too tasty and too much, we get everything too easily. We don’t appreciate the rags from last season, forgetting how our grandmothers were darning socks. We are whining that things are bad, in comfortable vehicles with air conditioning. We are whining all the time. We eternally feel that we don’t have enough, nothing surprises us. In order to be happy we need to limit ourselves. No wonder in every religion exists fasting. The more a human is hungry, the tastier the food. The more a person is over-fed, the more the food is tasteless, and the soul is unhappy. ..We were for some reason educated that we are all owed. We didn’t go to school 5 kilometers away, to study difficult science. We didn’t help our parents in the field – we were always provided a hot breakfast. Many of us don’t want to have children. Why take care of someone?..” and so on. Of course, this is just another point of view… However, it should be admitted that the apprehension and fear of Western countries is justified… The vast expanses, endless resources, talented people, high moral values preserved since the 19th century, Russia really has everything in order to become a hegemonic power.”

Nobody gets anything from them.

“Of course, I sympathise with your sincere desire to find a fair distribution of wealth, which reminds me of the first slogans of the Bolsheviks, and who liked the look of the archaic peasant. But nothing in the world happens without a cause-and-effect relationship. Russian mentality is infinitely unpretentious and devoid of bourgeois  instinct of accumulation.

I see one of the main problems of our government in the fact that the call for entrepreneurships doesn’t create in the Russian soul the immediate desire of intense  activity to become rich. The peasant mentality that permeates our society, and the bearers of which are also me and you (Yes, don’t grimace!), this mentality requires from the state only one thing – that the state leaves it in peace and doesn’t impeach it from existing. A substantial part of our population will be quite comfortable if they are to add 5000 per year, they will be pleased. And then, we should not forget — Russia is the most tasty piece for the world’s greedy Dante’s wolf, because with such wealth of land we have the smallest population density.

China has no natural resources but has 145 people per square kilometer, and we have East of the Urals — 2. It is the optimal ratio of huge reserves, huge territories and almost no people. In this respect we are similar only to Brazil. And it is especially us – Russia and China – that are two major countries of this century. There is nearly nothing left from Europe, it was finished off by the Internet, sluggish soft-bodied imitation of democracy, and political correctness.

While Russia will remain unchanged and will grind all. Philosopher Aleksandr Akhiezer, undeservedly forgotten, discovered an algorithm of Russian pendulum from archaic times to attempt modernisation and move back to the chthonic abyss. He came to the conclusion that in the absence in the Russian culture of a “gray” link between white and black, between “our” and not “our”, Russia will always choose archaism, will always perform reciprocal motion, crisis, overripe reforms, slow recoil, the maturing of a new crisis.

And so it will continue, unless there is a pitiless need to forcibly adopt between the two extremes a third neutral axiological space that will negate the attraction of Russians to extremes — “whoever is not with us is against us”.”

But Akhiezer was horrified by this situation, and you admire it…

“Firstly — from where do you cite that he was horrified? A scientist cannot be horrified, this is a fate of dreamers and those people for who it is CLEAR how reality must be. Because what Akhiezer described in itself is not bad and not good … I admire not the meaning of his analysis, I admire his depth, which helps to understand Russia and to explain patterns of development. Another scientist Vladimir Buldakov developed very interesting the idea of Akhiezer concerning the tectonic plates of archaism, on which lays Russian culture, and consequently, the state.

Not without irony Buldakov also notes that intellectuals incapable of understanding the irrational fact that Russian people create power in their society according to their idea of power and not as a result of the victory of a particular party in the elections. For me it was a huge relief — to understand the inevitability of the appearance of powerful state hierarchy. So, in the 90’s the West was euphoric from the feeling that Russia is weakened and poses no more danger for its complete capture, and here, out of nowhere, came this not very tall man, and said, “Enough, I will not give you Russia!”

Maybe it’s not him who said it, but history through him, a providence! He just has good hearing, he heard the quiet voice of history, that’s all.”

He will probably rule for life?

“I feel bitterness in your lamentation! And you, do you have an alternative? The longer he reigns, the better it is for Russia. Today, Russia is now the only one, except China, who can prevent the “Three fat men” from ruining the planet. So they will not leave us in peace.”

Tell me, it was necessary to enter Crimea?

“Why do you ask me such ridiculous test questions? Is it in order to understand if I’m with you or against you? Simply a fact — in 2017 the contract with Ukraine on the deployment of our fleet in Sevastopol expires, and the Ukrainians with Americans already agreed on a military base with NATO there. So, in Crimea, there would have been an American base with all the ensuing consequences. You can imagine it: American Crimea?!”


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