Russian Liberals Have the Conscience of a Prostitute

In the comments to the post about the collective hysteria of libtards about the appointment of Lyubimova to the post of Minister, I was asked: why don’t I ban the choking-on-bile creative-class hipsters who ran to my page?

What for? I love to study human nature in all its manifestations. Including the features of libtards. It’s interesting all the same. Let them gambol. I ban them when they are not interesting.

For example, this time I noticed an interesting property of their collective soul… They have the conscience of a hooker.

Just don’t think that I want to offend someone.

The fact is that when a libtard hears a thought that contradicts their directive, they automatically conclude that the person who expressed it has sold out to the Kremlin. I.e. the conscience of the average creative-class hipster is arranged in such a way that it in principle does not allow the very possibility that someone looks at the world differently than they do, that someone has different values and thinking, and that for some the stereotype of a libtard is manifestations of narrow-mindedness, infantility, and degeneracy.

Creative class hipsters are deeply believing persons. They believe that their semantic template is the ultimate truth. In this regard, they are sure that anyone who doesn’t think like they do and anyone who allows themselves to laugh at them is a vile and greedy “Putinist” who sold out to the Kremlin.

This feature of thinking is reinforced by the fact that the libtard crowd, which for the most part didn’t keep in their hands anything more heavy than a penis, has lived for decades at the expense of Western grants, at the expense of the American and European money allocated for it to “fight” the “tyrant” and “regime”. Hence the creative class hipsters’ deep confidence that their opponents, like them, are whoring themselves out. Therefore, they have a standard reaction to any irritant: accuse the opponent of selling out to Putin.

Overall, the situation is funny. It does not occur to these degenerates that they can cause some to laugh or feel irritated absolutely free of charge. After all, a person with the conscience of a hooker is sure that everything in the world happens exclusively for money.

By the way, they are similar to “conscious” Ukrainians. They also have the conscience of hookers.

Andrey Vadjra

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