“Russian March” in Moscow: Who Are the Leaders?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Who is the problem with nationalists? As well as with Ukrainians, as well as with Russians – it is the same. On the member level they can be from any nationality, but the leaders are for the most part from “God’s chosen” nation.

No, I’m not an anti-Semite. Because, firstly, I’m an internationalist, and secondly, on our side, there are also a lot of Jews – Satanovsky, Kedmi, Solovyov, and so on. But “ours” even don’t try to pretend to be someone else, they admit their origin, they are not ashamed of it (because there is nothing to be ashamed of) and thus act on the side of their Motherland – Russia (because the Motherland is not determined by ethnic belonging).

Anyway I do not care for the nationality of the person, what counts is if the person is good. Bagration was Georgian, Euler was German, Tim Kirby is an American, Graham Phillips is an Anglo-Saxon and all of them could be called Russian.

But these nationalists, are completely crazy about origins and anti-Semitism (I like to beat brainwashed with their own weapons). But they have as leaders only Jews. How is that so?

Let’s see who the leaders of the “Ukrainian National Revolution” are: Waltzman [Poroshenko – ed], Groisman, Kolomoisky, Frotman [Tyagnibok – ed], Furman [Aleksey – ed], Farion, Kapitelman [Tymoshenko – ed], Yatsenyuk-Bakay, Rabbi Yarosh and so on. Portnikov also poses as a Ukrainian. Sorry, there are some Poles like Zhebrivsky, Kokhanivsky and Tuka are in service for them too. But the Ukrainians, where actually are they?

In Russia the situation with the nationalists is almost similar. Look who their leaders are of the “Russian national movement”.

At one time Stanislav Belkovsky was considered as an ideologist of Russian nationalism. He was the chief editor of APN and one of the founders of the “National Russian Liberation Movement” (NROM). His wife Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya now vehemently and stubbornly defends Ukrainian Nazis.


Oy, vey, a real national-Bolshevik



And here he is with homosexual Prosvirnin and horse Sobchak



And here is Prosvirnin with “Belov” from ЕРЖ [some sort of modern meme specific to the East concerning inter-Jewish supremacy – ed]  in embroidery

Now a new leader of the Russian nationalists appeared – Dima Melash.


In the photo he is with his sister, typical Nordic Aryan. For the purity of the white race, guys!

And it seems that we should have already gotten used to the fact that all the leaders of nationalists are from the “chosen nation”. But when I saw at yesterday’s “Russian march” Mark Yakovlevich Galperin, who fiercely advocated “giving back Crimea to Ukrainians”, it still surprised me.

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“Russian marches” are so “Russian”. It is not surprising that fewer and fewer people come every year. If a few years ago 30,000 came out, this year they scraped together a little more than a thousand. For the next one, the same “4.11.17”, only Bykov-Zilbertrud, Feigin, and Makarevich will come.

I repeat, I’m not an anti-Semite. Among the Jews, as in any other nation, there are many great people and scoundrels.

But I know history very well. Jews were hated for 2000 years in Europe. And if the Zionist militant groups and activists such as Simon Wiesenthal will not neutralize the Nazi putz and schlimazel like Kolomoisky and Poroshenko, there is no need to be a prophet to understand that due to such degenerates of the Jewish people, they will be hated for another 2000 years.

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