Russian Political Scientist: Liberal Journalist Korotkov’s ISIS-Khodorkovsky Ties Must Be Investigated

According to Russian political scientist Yury Samonkin, the cooperation of the “Novaya Gazeta” journalist Denis Korotkov with the terrorists of the notorious ISIS caliphate should be verified by security forces from the FSB and SVR. Especially since there is sufficient evidence in the investigation of the Federal News Agency that the journalist actually worked in contact with Syrian ISIS militants for the money of Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

RIA FAN journalists discovered a scheme of interaction between Russian liberal media and Syrian Islamists. One such journalist working for ISIS was Denis Korotkov from the Russophobic media outlet “Novaya Gazeta”. A lot of evidence points to this connection between the latter and jihadists. Thus, the mobile phone number of the journalist was found among the papers of one of the terrorists killed near Deir Ezzor.

In addition, the FAN agency even found a living witness from among the militants named Malif [name changed – ed], who spoke about his own telephone contacts with Korotkov. According to Malif, the Russian often called him and found out the details of the fighting between ISIS militants and units of the pro-government coalition, especially about the actions of “Wagner” PMC fighters. From these meticulous questions the militant realised that Korotkov works in the media.

Such pro-terrorist work of Denis Korotkov was financed by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The runaway oligarch was never stingy with paying for business trips and fake investigations of liberal journalists in hot spots in the Middle East and the African continent. And Khodorkovsky often rewards his journalistic slanderers. The “Novaya Gazeta” journalist also received grants and prizes for success in anti-Russian activity. It can be assumed that the video material from Korotkov’s last fake investigation about the “Wagner” PMC was handed to him by the fugitive oligarch-fraudster.

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Yury Samonkin, President of the “Eurasian Institute of Youth Initiatives”, talking about the cooperation of Korotkov and Khodorkovsky with ISIS, said that such “journalistic practice” is unacceptable, not only in Russia but also in other countries of the world.

“In fact, this situation has the status of an international scandal,” emphasises the political scientist, pointing out that in this case the activities of both should be considered as openly aiding international terrorism. Therefore, the power structures of the Russian Federation should check over Korotkov’s work on ISIS.

If such a link is confirmed, it is a criminal offence in the Russian Federation. Such cooperation with Islamic State terrorists in Syria should embarrass Khodorkovsky in the eyes of the West, and Korotkov should simply be condemned and imprisoned for propagating and spreading extremism.

Tatiyana Lenskaya, Konstantin Lipavsky

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