Russian Presidential Elections in Ukraine: A Coffin in Kharkov, a Fence in Lvov, and German Military Music in Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the day of Presidential elections in Russia on March 18th, in Kiev nationalists carried out an action during which they, bearing a balalaika, vatnik, and a bottle of vodka opened a monument to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In Kharkov participants of the action brought a coffin with Putin’s doll inside. In Lvov the building of the diplomatic service was fenced off, and in Odessa German military marches were performed.

A video of the action at the Embassy of the Russian Federation on Vozdukhoflotsky Avenue in Kiev was published by the press service of “Svoboda” on his Facebook page.

In addition to the monument, a pseudo-polling precinct was opened at the embassy. The monument was unveiled under Ukrainian songs. The pedestal of a gold color depicts the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, on which the activists put a shapka-ushanka.

A similar action took place in front of the consulate of Russia in Kharkov. Those who oppose the elections brought to the consulate building a coffin with an effigy wearing Vladimir Putin’s mask. It was placed near the entrance to the consulate.

“No votes for the Moscow Tsar! Kill your inner Moskal!”

In Odessa protesters against the elections of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine “made” an improvised polling precinct out of a portable toilet. Patriotic songs and military German marches were played through loudspeakers.

Meanwhile law enforcement authorities note that information about mine clearing is premature – they continue verification.

In Lvov the police and National Guard since the morning protected with a metal fence the building of the Russian consulate, where one of the polling precincts is located, Russians aren’t allowed to vote in the Russian presidential elections, and representatives of the nationalist organisations gathered at the building.

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