Russian Senator Warned the US Against Attempts to Stage a Color Revolution in North Korea

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the event of mass riots and the fall of the government in North Korea, the United States is ready to enter its troops on the territory of the country. This was stated by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during a speech in the Washington Atlantic Council.

Washington developed a plan to overthrow the current authorities in North Korea, but the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea won’t allow the US to stage a colour revolution, stated the First Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee Franz Klintsevich to the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.

“The most important thing for us in such situation is to ensure the safety of the nuclear arms that they already have, and to not allow them to fall into the hands of those who, in our opinion, shouldn’t have them,” stressed Tillerson.

The Secretary of State also noted that Washington isn’t looking for a reason to send military personnel north of the demilitarized zone. The main task of the US, according to him, is to denuclearise the peninsula.

“It’s an old song of Washington, which played in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. Their technique works like an asphalt skating rink: it’s simple, primitive, and very reliable. The intelligence agencies of the US create disorder and form the appropriate environment and public opinion. For this they have great opportunities — nearby is South Korea, where there are enormous family ties and zones of influence. Solving these issues isn’t difficult. Later the disorder begins by itself — people see a motivation, some see a prospect for regime change. And against the background of the authorities rigidly stopping this disorder, the conflict begins,” said the senator.

The interlocutor of FAN says that after the beginning of the active phase of the standoff within the country, the US, under the guise of a “peacekeeper” who brings order, enters its troops and overthrows the government. However, in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s case, this strategy won’t be successful. Franz Klintsevich warned the US against attempts to stage a color revolution in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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“Washington underestimates both the government of Kim Jong-un and those moods that soar in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In the scenario described above there can be very serious consequences for the US. I have said more than once that North Korea isn’t going to actually conduct a nuclear strike on the US, there are adequate people there, and they understand what it can lead to. But if Kim Jong-un understands that attempts are being made to kill him, he will strike a blow, and then the consequences for all, to put it mildly, will be unpleasant. So Pyongyang won’t allow the US to stage a color revolution. The Americans started very dangerous games,” concluded the member of the Federation Council.

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