Russian Soldiers Spare a Wounded Ukrainian Militant & Offer First Aid

NEW – August 13, 2022

One of the main differences between the Russian (and allied republics) and Ukrainian military that manifested itself during the special military operation in Ukraine is the absence of unjustified cruelty towards prisoners of war. Since the beginning of the special operation, a lot of video footage has been leaked online showing the mockery by Ukrainian security forces of Russian soldiers and officers who were captured by them. Prisoners are humiliated, beaten, maimed and simply killed for fun.

Meanwhile, a video was recently published showing the behaviour of Russian soldiers in relation to a prisoner of war of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. During the attack on Ukrainian positions in one of the dugouts, our fighters found a bloodied soldier of the UAF.

A man in a Ukrainian military uniform is obviously wounded, his face and body are covered in blood. Our servicemen take him out of the dugout. One of the fighters reports that a “300” [injured soldier – SZ] is here. Further, he instructs to provide medical assistance to the captured Ukrainian.

No one even thinks of shooting, cutting or beating a captive unarmed person. Of course, some unflattering epithets addressed to him by the soldiers are released, and they can be understood, but what are offensive words compared to what Ukrainian militants do with Russian, Donetsk or Lugansk servicemen who fall into their hands.

The Ukrainian prisoner himself asks not to shoot at him.

The military correspondent who published the footage, Yury Kotenok, called the Ukrainian military “embittered” and “haunted”. The special operation showed that such a concept as humanism was completely lost by the Ukrainian authorities and the armed formations subordinate to it, and it could not have happened without the powerful ideological influence of the West.

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