Russians in Germany During World War II: Truth vs Myth

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In 1945, the fighters who saw the catastrophic consequences of nazi occupation came to Germany. They made the journey from the Volga to the Oder along ruined land, constantly meeting destroyed cities, burned villages, and wells crammed full of corpses.

8 km from the liberated Kerch, 245 children’s corpses were found in a ditch. It is in this way that the fate of the disappearing children, the parents of who the German commandant’s office ordered to send them to school – where they didn’t come back from, was learnt. Representatives of western civilisation buried them alive…

The occupiers didn’t exactly love the children. One more confirmation of this is the letter received by the Red Army fighter Sidorov from his sisters Zina and Vera from the Smolensk region and published by “Krasnaya Zvezda” on August 9th, 1942 (No. 186 (5250) under the heading “Infanticide”:

“Kolya [diminutive of Nikolay – ed], it’s difficult to write everything that we endured. You know very well the secretary of the Village Council Valya Ivanova, her daughter Nina, and her son Grisha. Hitler’s officers, wishing to receive information from her about our partisans, decided to pressure her by torturing her children.

Having bound Valya’s hands, these wild beasts before her eyes cut off the right ears of Nina and Grisha, then the left eye of the boy was poked out, all five fingers on the right hand of the girl were chopped off. Valya couldn’t put up with this wild torture and died from a heart attack. The fascist executioners brought the children who had been tortured to death to the forest and threw them into the snow. We buried their bodies in the same grave as Valya.

The executioners behaved in a brutal manner with the daughter of the teacher Maria Nikolayevna. Knowing that her husband is in a partisan group, the savages started to torture her daughter Vera. They stabbed fire-heated needles into the palm, hand, and ears of the six-year-old girl. Then, without having achieved anything from Maria Nikolayevna, they poisoned Vera. Maria Nikolayevna herself was also subjected to inhuman torture. The German torturers forced her to stand in the snow barefoot for 30–40 minutes, poured gasoline into her mouth, twisted her hands, and stabbed her entire body. Dying from torture, Maria Nikolayevna didn’t say a single word about partisans.

In the neighboring village of Maloye Petrovo, Hitler’s cannibals herded all of the adult able-bodied population to forced labor, and all children and elderly persons were exterminated. Having herded 80 people into a shed, they poured gasoline over them and set them on fire. After an hour only a heap of burned corpses remained there”.

A horrible picture was typical for the occupied territories of the USSR. But even amateurs of equating Soviet soldier-liberators with nazi bandits aren’t able to reproach the Red Army troops for similar crimes.

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The war participant and poet David Samoylov affirmed that “the people of Germany could’ve suffered even more if it wasn’t for the Russian national character — placability, non-vindictiveness, a love for children, cordiality, the absence of a sense of superiority, and the remains of religious and internationalist consciousness in the very thickness of a soldier’s weight. In 1945, Germany was spared by the natural humanity of the Russian soldier…”

Also, Soviet education has its role. The historian Anatoly Utkin in the book “World War II” fairly wrote:

“It is impossible to imagine a Soviet teacher announcing the organic superiority of the Soviet people over others. Regardless of what one thinks about socialism, it is impossible to disprove the fact that it didn’t proclaim national exclusiveness, it didn’t put neighbouring nations a rank below, it didn’t appeal to the dark instincts of blood, it didn’t generate haughtiness. In the years of the desperate fight for the rescue of the country from the enemy who intruded into it, German thinkers and poets were published in Russia. To try today to equate two polar value systems is possible only by betraying historical truth in favor of the political topic of the day”.

Like in any war, there were cases of rape. They are recorded also in those regions of Germany where the Americans, British, and French entered.

The American historian Charles McDonald described the behavior of the allies as such:

“Robberies fluctuated from petty theft to stealing subjects of exclusive value. Also, such crimes as desertion, indecent behavior on the battlefield, murder, and rape were committed. When military operations received a character of pursuing the enemy, the number of rapes sharply increased”.

The most drastic measures against rapists – up to execution – were used by the Soviet command. Antony Beevor lies when he claims that Soviet fighters weren’t punished for “rapes committed by them. Punishments followed only when soldiers caught any venereal disease from German women”.

And German women indeed experienced shock. Here is a testimony of the Berlin resident Elisabeth Schmeer: “On January 3rd, my son came back from the front line on vacation. He served in SS units. My son told me several times that units of the SS in Russia committed horrible affairs. If Russians come here, they ‘won’t pour rose attar over us’. It turned out to be completely different: the winners give to the conquered people, whose army caused so much grief to Russia, more foodstuffs than the previous government gave to them. It is difficult for us to understand this. Probably only Russians are capable of such humanity”.

Life itself forced the Germans to change their attitude towards Red Army fighters.

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And modern provocative information planting about the fierce cruelty of the Red Army and “hundreds of thousands of raped German women” work for the myth push forward by the West about the equal responsibility of the USSR and Germany for the initiation of war and the crimes committed during it.

By using lies, the West hopes to completely revise the geopolitical results of World War II in its own favor.

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