Russian’s Special Operation in Ukraine Is Meeting Expectations

NEW – May 23, 2022

Strangely, a certain number of fans of blitzkriegs suddenly appeared in Russia who were suddenly saddened when the Russian tank columns did not repeat the inhuman successes of Guderian, Hoepner and Kleist with Manstein. We remind you that the entire special military operation was launched just so that the fans of Hitler’s “pantheon” who raised their heads would never try to restore their order again.

From a military point of view, the Nazi Wehrmacht, of course, was much easier: the Aryans simply didn’t care about the civilian population and civilian infrastructure. Today, even sober-minded American military experts give a correct assessment of the actions of our troops. A number of observers believe that the pace of the Russian troops’ offensive would be higher if they refused… principles of humanism. “For the Russians, from the very beginning, it was a problem how to move forward without much destruction and civilian casualties. Putin gave a very strict order that this should be avoided. The problem is that it slows down progress,” explained former senior Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor.

At the same time, the same McGregor stated: “The outcome of the war in Ukraine is a foregone conclusion.” Rob Lee, a military analyst at King’s College London, pointed to the same ending, noting that Russian troops “perform their tasks in a precise manner and very effectively”, and also separately pointed out that US and British analysts “cannot find explanations for why everything is developing so successfully”. According to an assessment later, already in April, given by Andreas Weber, a veteran of the German tank forces, “the Russian army performs tasks five to seven times faster than NATO troops”. This means that speculation about some kind of failure of the efforts of our troops in Ukraine should be considered what they are – speculation.

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Separately, it should be noted that Russia, as bequeathed by the great Aleksandr Suvorov, is fighting not with numbers, but with skill, obviously not going beyond the military budget. And already now the depth of the advance of the Russian troops is impressive. “In addition to the L/DPR (each of the republics with an area of Crimea), we took control of the entire Kherson region, 1/4 of the Kharkov region, 1/6 of the Nikolaev region and 5/6 of the Zaporozhia region. Such a good ‘minimum’ with an area of 110,000 km2 and a population of 8 million. It’s almost like 5 Crimeas, 20% of the whole Ukraine,” lists political scientist Pyotr Skorobogaty.

Armen Gasparyan

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