Russia’s Aircraft Carrier “Killer” Is Ready to Take to the Sky

Already in some 1-2 months the latest Russian striking complex will be on combat duty, and no, today we will not talk about “Kinzhal,” which a huge number of articles and news will be devoted to, but this is not surprising, taking into account all its characteristics and how it proved itself in the southern waters of the Russian Federation.

I think everyone started to focus their attention on the fact that over the last few years Russia has started to do something incredible in the field of military industry: new developments, modernisation, etc. For example, a program for the rearmament of our army is planned for the next 3-5 years. It concerns many directions, however, today we will talk about upgrading 30 Tu-22M3 bombers to Tu-22M3M. The changes will affect almost everything on the plane, however, the main focus will be on 2 things: navigation and radar system. At the moment, a couple of fighter bombers are ready, the tests of which have been very successful.

In addition, after the “overhaul”, the bomber will be able to carry a much larger number of different missiles. Well, the “cherry on the cake” will be the latest hypersonic missile, which is obliged to hit targets at large and super-long distances. And its name: “X-32”, it can be said that it is also a kind of modification of the missile that was removed from operation in 1998. It received updated navigation aids as well as more modern engines, which in total gave an excellent result. And now it is capable of destroying targets that are at a distance of 1000-2000 kilometers from it, passing this distance at a speed of up to 6000 km/h.

It is also worth noting that the Russian Federation plans to allocate a little more than $5 million from the budget to finally complete the improvement of “Х-22” missiles into “Х-32”

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In addition, all military experts/specialists have no doubt that the Х-32 will be a great replacement for the Х-22, which in turn remains beyond the reach of the enemy’s missile and air defences to this day. Some experts also add that this missile could become a real killer of aircraft carriers.

Zen Yandex, Voyennyy korrespondent

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