Russia’s Army Doctors Help Heal a Captured UAF Soldier’s Bullet Wounds

NEW – June 5, 2022

On the evening of June 3, at one of the checkpoints of the Volnovakha district, DPR fighters detained a National Guardsman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who was able to leave the territory of the “Azovstal” metallurgical plant on May 13. All this time he was trying to break into the territory of Ukraine. His comrades helped him, with the help of telephone messages, he fled from Mariupol, received instructions from them on how to bypass the posts. But still, he ran into the “secret” of a DPR militia sub-unit, as a result, the National Guardsman failed to avoid the fate of his colleagues remaining at “Azovstal”. When trying to escape from pursuit, he was wounded.

In the morning, the DPR fighters took the unlucky person to a military hospital, where specialists of the medical service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation treated the bullet wounds of the UAF prisoner of war.

In the near future, the wounded but alive National Guardsman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will meet again with his colleagues, those who, a week after his escape, independently laid down their weapons and surrendered.

Andrey Rudenko

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