Russia’s Day of Victory over a United Europe

This picture shows how in 1942 all of Europe was under Hitler. And it [Europe – ed] sent its divisions to the Eastern Front against the USSR. SS troops accepted 400,000 volunteers from Europe. In total, Hitler recruited from all over Europe – 1,800,000 volunteers, forming 59 divisions, 23 brigades, and several national regiments and legions. And here is a list of foreign prisoners of war who fought against the Soviet Army and were captured by it.

Germans – 2,389,560
Japanese – 639,635
Hungarians – 513,767
Romanians -187,370
Austrians – 156,682
Czechs – 69,977
Poles – 60,280
Italians – 48,957
French – 23,136
Yugoslavs – 21,822
Moldovans – 14,129
Chinese – 12,928
Jews – 10,173
Koreans – 7,785
Dutch – 4,729
Mongols – 3,608
Finns – 2,377
Belgians – 2,010
Luxembourgers – 1,652
Danes – 457
Spaniards – 452
Gypsies – 383
Norwegians – 101
Swedes – 72
Total – 4,172,042

They try to forget about it in the West and in Europe, in general. The word “conscience” is missing in English and French. And it is useless to shame these Euro-predators.

And they “feed” their young with the fairy tale about the victory of the Anglo-Saxons over Hitler. And they are already reaching our young people.
Even in Russian cities, ignoramuses from among the “creative class” [liberals – ed] work like hacks, and post photos of Germans on posters for Victory Day, confusing-intentionally or foolishly, but rather because of the wildest lack of education, inculcated by the education of “qualified consumers” – these images of the enemy with images of soldiers of the Soviet Army.

Now in this collection – photos of those Euro lucky people who came to our land under Hitler’s command. They came to kill and rob, showing the deep essence of European “civilisation”.

Take a look at the countries from which these Nazi henchmen hatched, many of who eventually found their captivity or their grave on Russian land.

From a 1943 pamphlet in French: SS troops became Europe’s army, which includes volunteers from a variety of countries – Norway, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Flemish, and Wallonia (current Belgium), France, and Finland:

Dutch volunteer signing up for SS troops:

Belgian volunteers in the SS:

Soldiers of the 20th Estonian SS Division:

Dutch SS Regiment volunteers are trained to step in line:

Danish SS Danmark Volunteer Corps:

SS Danmark Volunteer Corps, 1942:

Send-off in Madrid to the Eastern Front of the Spanish Blue Division – it fought and was defeated near Leningrad:

Soldiers of the French Legion in Wehrmacht uniforms:

The French are going to the frontline. Inscriptions on the carriage: “Long live the French Legion. Heil Hitler. Long live France”:

French SS Volunteer Legion:

Further – the list of European countries with whom Hitler signed “Acts of Non-Aggression” (long before the Molotov-Ribbentrop Act, one of many similar documents of that era), which became empty pieces of paper for Germany – all it, despite its obligations, it occupied, and fought against the USSR and Great Britain:

“What countries concluded agreements and treaties with Hitler and when:

1933 – Great Britain, France, Italy – four-power pact
1934 – Poland – Hitler-Pilsudski pact
1935 – Great Britain – Anglo-German naval agreement
1936 – Japan – Anti-Comintern pact
1938, September – Great Britain – non-aggression pact
1938, December – France – non-aggression pact
1939, March – Romania – economic agreement
1939, March – Lithuania – non-aggression pact
1939, May – Italy – pact of friendship and alliance
1939, May – Denmark – non-aggression pact
1939, June – Estonia – non-aggression pact
1939, June – Latvia – non-aggression pact
1939, August – USSR – non-aggression pact

Yet everyone is only talking about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Documentary photos don’t lie.

In both 1812 and 1941, a united Europe attacked our country, no matter what it was called – the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union. They have Russophobia in their blood. They are both afraid of Russia and – as destitute entities themselves – envy our expanses and natural wealth.

And if in the 19th century the Victory over Napoleon and the entry of Emperor Aleksandr I into Paris cannot be lied about, now with the huge information capabilities of the West, a stable image of their own victory over Hitler is created there, the memory of the war on the Eastern, Soviet front is erased. It is named the Ukrainian Front, whose fighters came to Europe. But it is they in Europe who need the image of a stolen victory, and they revel in this theft, trying to forget the crimes of their own ancestors on Russian soil.

And who, if not us, should keep our Victory and pass the Memory of it to posterity. So that in 50 years they will not tell their children – our great-grandchildren, not what really happened, but what Western propagandists are trying to put into the heads of deliberately uneducated young people.

Therefore, these photos and these facts are the best memory of what happened and how it was back then.

Sergey Filatov

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