Russia’s Federation Council Plans to Combat the Dominance of the “Hollywood Factory of American Dreams”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Federation Council is sure that more than 80% of Russian film distribution being given to foreign movies is inadmissible.

“In terms of the proportion of foreign movies in the domestic box office, (more than 80%) we promote considerably less national cinema than such European countries as Great Britain (64%), France (58%), Asian Japan (34%), and the People’s Republic of China (41%), not to mention the homeland of Hollywood, where American cinema doesn’t leave any space for wide release for practically anybody else”

said the deputy chairman of the Federation Council International Affairs Committee Andrey Klimov to RIA Novosti.

According to him, today’s Hollywood in large quantities palms off “transatlantic film versions of reality, including the usual Russian spies that scare the world”, like, for example, in the recent American anti-Russian thriller “Red Sparrow”.

“We also include such propaganda fakes even in the free film library of the international flights of domestic airlines. I doubt that Russian cinema is so available on flights operated by the airlines of NATO countries”

emphasised the senator

A similar situation, the parliamentarian noted, is also observed in some other segments of the sphere of culture.

“In my opinion, we have no reason to apply large preferential treatment in the Russian Federation to any products from the Hollywood factory of American dreams. And all of this is despite the fact that Russia by right can be considered as a cultural superpower, and the spiritual, creative potential, and historical-cultural heritage of our multi-ethnic people have occupied a leading place in the world since, for example, when the United States only appeared on the political map of the world”

stressed Klimov

He is convinced that pretending that we do not notice it is “not only ridiculous, but also dangerous, just like how it is dangerous to react to such things by shooting from the hip, with formal and bureaucratic methods, mechanical bans, and restrictions”. “It is precisely such a direct reaction that our provocative overseas ‘partners’ are waiting for, counting on the outbreak of protests in response to administrative bans and on the attractiveness of ‘forbidden fruits’,” said senator.

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The parliamentarian considers that Russia must not only consistently and professionally deflect external attacks on its sovereignty in the spiritual sphere, but also to use its huge cultural potential to increase Russian authority in the international arena, improving the conditions for the development of friendship and cooperation with the people of other countries on all continents. “It’s difficult to do, but it is necessary,” considers Klimov.

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