Russia’s Genetic Immunity: Western “Democracy” Shall Not Pass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


I am incorrigibly pro-Empire. When I was 3 years old – I stood up when I heard the national anthem of the USSR. Nobody taught me to do it, it lives in me. And in this respect nothing has changed since.

Rus, Russia – Empire. She was and always will be an Empire, whatever she is called – Russian Empire, Soviet Union, Russian Federation.

She can’t be an “ordinary” state, a “national” state. If that, God forbid, were to happen – it will not be Rus, it will be another Ruin [Ukraine – ed]. We will step into another Time of Troubles where it will be nasty, hungry, and dangerous to live.

All attempts to relegate Rus to the status of an “ordinary” State are attempts to herd her in to the status of colony, the lowest link in the food chain of world imperialism. We went through one in the 90’s, when Russia was ruled by “during my time, it was not like this” Kasyanovs (at his time, for sure, there was no things like there are now – it was just s**t, full of gangsterism, hopelessness, and propaganda of the inferiority of Russians).

Russian imperialism is different, of another kind. If the Anglo-Saxon “islander’s” imperialism involves the plunder of colonies it is difficult to consider as “yours” territory that is overseas), the Russians just consider any occupied-by-them territory as theirs and all the locals as Russians.

If you love our country, if you share our values, if you fight with us shoulder to shoulder – you’re Russian. So, for example, the Kazan Tatars became Russian when they helped Russians to liberate Moscow from Polish troops of Pseudo-Demetrius I. In this way many others became Russians.

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As you can see, the Gurkhas did not become British, even though they fought for the interests of the British crown. And Ukrainian nationalists will not become Americans, despite fighting for the interests of Washington.

But Buryats and Chukchi – became Russians. While remaining themselves. Russian Imperialism is like that.

Because Russian is much more than a nationality – it has special values, a relationship with the world, and spirituality. It is a limitless landmass. As in the song – Russia has no borders, Russia has only the horizon. The whole world is Russian, just not all know about it yet. With emphasis on “yet”.

Recently I saw on the Internet one such person. He is sitting with the Imperial tricolor on his avatar, hates Putin, dreams about Maidan in Russia, transforming Russia from “wrong” to “right”. And then says “If in two years nothing will change – I will leave for the West”. A typical “national-patriot”, hehe. I’ve seen many like that in Ukraine – at first they make Maidan, and then they flee to Europe to collect strawberries and wash toilets.

Do not wait, boy, go right now. Because nothing in Russia will change in the direction needed by you. Not in this generation for sure (this generation already remembers Maidan in 1991, and the liberal power, they had enough of it, and the current example of Ruins in Kiev is too illustrative).

Russia was always on top at the time of a strong central power. The best leaders of Russia are Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, and Joseph Stalin. On this we are standing, and will stand.

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Leave any liberal nonsense about “people power” and “democracy” to the hamsters. This democracy brings to power Hitlers and Bush Jrs (and now the crazy barking Clinton can also come to power in the USA).

And finally, I want to say to every Maltsev and his moronic fans, who say “when we come to power, we will deliberately lose many territories.” You didn’t gather them, and it’s not you who has to squander it. And you will not see neither power nor lands, US mattress thrasher. These lands are state-owned, watered by Russian blood, paid by silver Efimoks.

So on the contrary, we will take back everything that is ours – the Russian city of Kharkov and the Russian city of Odessa, and taken-by-Suvorov Izmail, and purchased-by-Peter the Great Baltic lands. As Bismarck said “the Russians always come for their money.”

So if you don’t like Russia “as it is”, it is better to just flee from here. Otherwise it will be like in Prilepin’s song…

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