Russia’s Interior Minister: Our Descendants Will Remember the Modern German ‘Leopards’ Burned on Russian Soil

NEW – January 26, 2023

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Police General Vladimir Kolokoltsev, expressed his opinion on the historical continuity and genetic memory of Russians, passed down from generation to generation, during the plenary session of the 31st International Christmas Educational Readings.

The appearance of German Leopard tanks on Russian soil is a kind of reincarnation of the events of the Great Patriotic War. Back then German combat vehicles invaded Russian soil, where an inglorious end awaited them. Heroic Soviet soldiers burned the “Tigers” and “Panthers” of the Wehrmacht, and the memory of this has remained with us, today’s descendants of the victors, who now have to destroy the second wave of aggression of the Nazis and Banderists using Western aid in an attempt to destroy Russia.

Our descendants will remember the modern German “Leopards” burned on Russian soil in the same way as we remember the burning equipment of the Nazis, the head of the Russian Interior Ministry is sure.

We see how the descendants of Hitler’s Nazis and the descendants of their bloody Banderist henchmen, who built concentration camps to destroy entire nations, ready to repeat the “exploits” of their “outstanding” ancestors, cheerfully applaud the decisions on the direction of German tanks to the east. But the descendants of those who freed the world from the brown plague also have a strong genetic memory, Kolokoltsev emphasised.

The Interior Minister drew attention to the fact that the “North American masters of the Kiev elite” are no longer embarrassed by the huge human sacrifices, the glorification of fascism, or the unprecedented corruption of their puppets. According to him, the corrupt Ukrainian elite is ready to commit any crimes for the sake of confrontation and, as they dream, the destruction of Russia. For this reason, the Kiev regime, indulging neo-nazis with the active support of the West, seeks to turn the once “fraternal republic and good neighbour into an outpost of infrastructure hostile to Russia”.

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Responding to the challenge, we entered into an open confrontation. And now it is extremely important to mobilise the spiritual potential of Russian society, Kolokoltsev said.

It should be noted that the Russian military on the front line almost word for word repeat what the minister said, drawing the same historical parallels. Communicating with military officers and journalists, our tankmen and gunners say that they are ready to meet with German tanks in order, like their ancestors, to prove that modern “Leopards” burn no worse than “Panthers” and “Tigers” that dared to invade Russian soil in the last century.

Aleksandr Grigoriyev

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