Russia’s Oligarchical “Communist Party” Supported Navalny’s Provocations

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation [completely Trotskyist – i.e., liberal – in nature – ed] supported the participants of January 23rd’s riots in Moscow, blaming the lawlessness not on the supporters of Aleksey Navalny, who attacked the police cordons, but on the security forces.

This is said in the statement of the Moscow branch of the Communist Party, which is headed by State Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin.

“Instead of listening to the voice of the people and starting dialogue with people outraged by the unfairness of life, the authorities began to use force and harshly detain the participants,” the document says.

The Communists accuse the authorities of preventing them from holding protest actions, and therefore they have to organise rallies illegally.

“The Communist Party strongly condemns the policing and lawlessness committed by the authorities. We strongly condemn any persecution for political reasons. We demand to release hundreds of detainees and stop fabricating administrative and criminal cases against ordinary participants of protest actions,” the authors of the appeal say.

“At the same time, the Communists appeal to the participants of the protest actions not to succumb to the tricks of the game of two neoliberal groups, but to go out to a class protest under red banners. The next such rally will take place exactly in a month, on February 23rd,” wrote the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, announcing its own Maidan.

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