Russia’s Operation in Ukraine: The Second Phase Has Begun

NEW – August 15, 2022

We in Donetsk could not really understand why Avdeevka, Peski, and Maryinka were stormed for so long… why, after six months from the beginning of the Special Military Operation, the city is being shelled more than in the first days.

It is clear that in eight years such fortified areas have been created there, which is just super. We didn’t understand why they couldn’t be surrounded, cut off completely from supplies? Yes, the world community would be whining. We would let civilians leave, just like in Mariupol. The main thing: they would not allow rotation and delivery of ammo and new equipment.

A little later it became clear that a personal hell was created here for the Ukrainian nazis. To close it would mean letting the others scatter and gain a foothold in other places.

There is a huge amount of equipment and ammunition here, former manpower, even more. There are of course devils settled in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Dzerzhinsk, in other regions. But here were the most stubborn.

Donetsk civilians were offered to survive all this hell in the Russian Federation by organising everything necessary. After all, to be honest, there were only those who needed to work and those who simply did not want to leave.

Until now, Mother Russia accepts IDPs from Donbass, and from other regions of the Ukrainian territory.

And yesterday everything changed a little. Basurin said that Avdeevka would not be stormed head-on, it would be taken into full encirclement. I should have paid attention to this when I showed the residents of Nikolaev who surrendered in Peski, who were grabbed on the streets and driven there. They immediately gave up.

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But I didn’t pay DUE attention to that. Once the Nikolaev ones surrendered, without even joining the battle, it means there were no detachments! And this. In turn, it means that the most combative and hard-core nazis either ended or fled. And yes, now it’s possible to surround Avdeevka. But what’s next…

And then, while I’m writing this, there is artillery preparation for the storming of Dzerzhinsk. Also a serious fortified area. Although, of course, it is much inferior to Avdeevka, Peski and Maryinka. According to data, there are about 10,000 nazis in Dzerzhinsk. As usual, they settled down in the houses and apartments of peaceful people, in schools and colleges, in hospitals and kindergartens.

And even further there are reports that the nazis were heavily bombed in Kramatorsk, and in Artemovsk we began to move forward. And if earlier it was squeezed out gradually, now the artillery is doing such work that those who remain alive are simply incapable of organised resistance.

The nazis are strongly resisting in Soledar. Our team counted 16 enemy counterattacks! And this is not a territorial battalion, but real warriors. Nevertheless, our people break into this defence and grind everything into dust. Things started moving…

And even further KharkovZaporozhye and Nikolaev.

And here, as I suspect, it’s no longer about weeks, but days. From the moment it was decided not to butt heads for Avdeevka, but to move on, taking the nazis into complete encirclement, visible actions of the second phase began.

Where will it end? I would like to be on the Dnieper (I’m talking about the river) and full control of the Black Sea region.

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Sergey Lebedev

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