Russia’s Path

NEW – June 12, 2022

For some reason, the path of Russia seems to be more complicated, intricately winding and mysterious than the path of other large countries, such as the US, for example, where the scheme “white Puritan-Anglo–Saxon establishes trade that turns into a global business” worked with a clear historical engagement.

Russians are characterised by mystical bipolarity: we are drawn to heights, to the beyond, to the skies, which are not captured by the eye; we spend a fair amount of energy searching for a spiritual home – whereas we are not particularly able to arrange earthly, material one: there is not enough time to clean up the dirt.

Rather: it was so, because the consumer-globalist revolution of 1991 gave rise, apparently, to a new type of Russians: technological–business – they say, it’s time to part with the old cliches, there’s nothing to look for in the skies, you need to be here on earth…

Partly, this is true – in terms of life and existence on earth, Russia has always been worse than in the field of God-seeking; but, in fact, it is quite scary when globalisation implies standardisation, and, losing much of what was previously inherent in us (such a trifle, for example, as a love of poetry), we hardly gain anything.

Nevertheless, D. Andreyev’s seemingly utopian forecasts seem to be true – about the special role Russia is destined to play: for the internal potential inherent in the country and its people did not develop as intensively as in other leading countries, which partially (if not completely) used it up.

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The future is always there – it is difficult to doubt this, as well as the fact that we have little idea of its contours and silhouettes; but the current state of Russia – with an atomised nation, total social stratification and cultural decline – is not a constant…

And there is a huge Russian continent, whose core characteristics are not only (and not so much) gas and oil, molybdenum and gold, but people, their spiritual and intellectual wealth.

And, I think, it is they who, having received the negative experience of mercenariness and selfishness, will be able to make the right bets – no matter how utilitarian this word may sound…

Aleksandr Baltin

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