Russia’s Plutonium Lesson for the USA

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In order to stop female hysteria, it is sometimes useful to smash a mountain of plates on the floor. As did Khrushchev at his time, showing the US a mysterious “thing or two” during a speech in the UN. He said that supposedly the USSR had a hydrogen bomb – they’re not to be trifled with. And it is in the same way that now Russia responded to American hysteria – by tossing on the floor the agreement on plutonium disposal. And a certain calm immediately came to the United States. Still yesterday they called Russia “the state pariah”, urged to throw her out of the UN, while American politicians were competing to see who of them will come closer to the edge of the thermonuclear abyss.

But suddenly Putin’s ultimatum rang. If you want Russia to return to the regime of controlled disarmament, withdraw your troops from the Baltic States and Poland, and lift  all your sanctions and pay for their consequences. Americans are astounded by such audacity. They highly value the art of armed blackmail. Concede, or order yourself a coffin. They raised the stakes, hoping that the Russians will say, as they said a hundred times before, “anything but war” – and they will cede. For the first time in decades, their will has collided with the steel will of Russia. War? You’re always welcome! Daren’t they rip foreign uniforms on Russian bayonet? [Quote from Mikhail Lermontov’s poem “Borodino” – ed] They dare!

The decision to exit the crippling agreements on nuclear weapons. There are still agreements that are in the queue – on the reduction of nuclear weapons and the restrictions on missiles. These agreements were imposed on Russia – by the teams of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. It’s not the place now to discuss whether it was a betrayal of the interests of the country or naive faith in the kind uncle from overseas, who will help in case of de-communization. History has shown that Americans apply to contracts the well-known principle: “I am a man of my word. I can give, I can take away”.

They did not fulfill any agreement that was not beneficial to them. And since the moment they considered Russia to be weak, they began to violate the agreements. They also violated the agreement to destroy weapons-grade plutonium.

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They could continue to further behave in the same way, but they were set on seizing Syria. And here they broke the Lavrov-Kerry agreement before the ink dried, first by bombing the Syrian army allegedly by mistake, and then the monstrous provocation of attacking a humanitarian convoy. The they tried to pin the attack on the Russians, but the truth came out. In the footage that the BBC broadcasted, “from the event’s location”, the traces of burning aluminium powder were visible, which, according to experts, can testify to the use of “Hell-fire” thermobaric munitions, used by American Predator drones. And it is exactly such a drone that was recorded in the vicinity of the scene.

I.e. they destroyed the convoy themselves, and tried to accuse Russia of a war crime. Knowing that the Pentagon was against any agreement with Russia, that the agreement President Obama signed, despite the request of the Minister of Defence, we can say: the American military elite left the control of its civilian leadership, and pushes for war by itself. And its position is strong – and already Secretary of State Kerry started to position himself with the Pentagon’s line and the most rabid hawks.

We can describe to the readers of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” for which reason the diplomatic negotiations on Syria ceased. This is the first information in open publication. The United States suggested to Russia, after the death of the Syrian soldiers from the ally’s fire, after the destruction of the convoy, again to introduce a unilateral truce, to cease operations in Aleppo. Russia agreed to this, under one condition – that the Nusra militants stopped hiding behind the backs of women and children, and leave Aleppo. Let them leave with weapons, where ever they desire. The US refused – although it was consistent with the agreement between Lavrov and Kerry, about the disengagement of militants. The Ambassador to the UN in Syria de Mistura joined the Russian position.

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Now feverish debates are ongoing in Washington. The old enemy of Russia, McCain, made calls to hit the Syrians and Russians, other hawks want to send militants MANPADS. In the “New York Times” experts call for military intervention, Charles Lister [a British pro-Salafi, gulf-sponsored twitter idiot who doesn’t even speak Arabic – ed] from the Institute of the Middle East said that Russia is not able to prevent American military interference, and that America can easily suppress the S-400 air defenses of Russia located in Syria.

But the news about the testing of the system of civilian defences in Russia in case of nuclear war comes like a sobering cold shower for the US. Russia responds to the US increasing its stakes by raising her own stakes. The biggest poker game in the history of mankind is ongoing – who will blink first and throw in their cards? Presumably, not Russia, who already experienced in the 90’s on its own skin the strategy of capitulation and faith in the goodness of America. I think that this time the American government will see the how close to the edge of the abyss it is, and will come to their senses and retreat.

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