Russia’s Response Strategy to the US’ Provocations

NEW – August 19, 2022

The key question of the current geopolitical situation in the world is the question of why the United States is raising the stakes by carrying out more and more provocative actions that threaten to blow up global stability, of which there is little left. Ukraine, Kosovo, Taiwan, Central Asia, Armenia, etc. Why is the answer to this question important? Because it sets the response strategy, in which both the special military operation in Ukraine and anti-sanctions work, and Russia’s foreign policy in the near and far abroad, and financial and banking strategy and much more are only special cases of one generalising approach.

So, the answer is that the US elites are well aware that with a calm course of events, without global upheavals, China will economically pass them within 20-30 years and by 2045-2050 will become a leading world power. Therefore, in order to avoid a historic defeat that will throw them forever into geopolitical oblivion, the Americans are trying to whip up milk by any available means in order to have at least some chance to get out of this geopolitical jug.

Why can’t they “squeeze” China directly? Because there is Russia, which provides strategic nuclear parity with the United States and does not allow China to drown in radioactive ash. This implies the role of Russia, and the geopolitical heat around us, including Ukraine and the special military operation. If we break the United States here, then nothing good will await them – the empire will begin to crumble.

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Therefore, such stakes and threats are made by the Anglo-Saxons, up to the radioactive contamination of vast territories in Europe (including the destruction of the market for Chinese commodity mass). That is, the current unruliness of the Anglo-Saxons doesn’t come from their strength (especially after the shameful flight from Afghanistan), but from their apprehension of the white furry animal approach.

What can be the answers to this Anglo-Saxon game?

The first strategy is a retaliatory sharp increase in the stakes. We have such opportunities. And this way is the easiest. It is no coincidence that the whole cart and the entire patriotic segment demands strikes at “decision-making centres”. Emotionally, this position is understandable. However, such an uncontrolled exchange of blows in the super-heavy weight category threatens to make the situation spiral out of control. Apparently, this circumstance stops the Kremlin, especially given the understanding of where the real decision-making centres are located.

The second strategy is a slow but sure squeeze of the opponent according to the classics, without an uncontrolled fight, ensuring the final victory on points. And, judging by the processes that are going on in Europe, this approach is not without reason – each new package of sanctions led to an increasing separation of EU countries. Especially indicative in this regard is the visa issue, on which there will most likely be no consensus, since we are already talking about the attitude towards the entire nation of Russia, indiscriminately, and this already smacks of genocide. Plus, the enemy is now gaining a lot of warnings, which then (with the support of all progressive humanity) will be presented to it according to all the canons of the “blessed” 90s, “according to concepts” as part of the bargaining on security guarantees.

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Apparently, before the results of the congressional elections (to be held on November 8), when it becomes clear (towards the end of November) in which direction the American elites, the budgets of the military-industrial complex, the Pentagon, and so on will swing, the Kremlin has chosen the second strategy as a response. That does not exclude, if necessary, conducting sobering actions against the Kiev junta and its international sponsors.

Yury Baranchik

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