Russia’s Strength Defeats the West Again

The basis of Russia’s power, unlike other centres of power, is determined by military, resource-energy, territorial dimensions and its vast geography, and not by accumulated wealth and population. Russians have skill, they are savvy, and always come up with their own bolt on the enemy’s cunning nut. As Bismarck said: the Russians cannot be defeated, but they can be instilled with false values, and then they will defeat themselves. This says it all.

The geopolitical processes taking place in Russia are difficult to explain with analytical concepts and sound judgments. Imagine that a huge ship the size of half of Eurasia is turning around. And then, naturally, the big ships around move away so as not to collide, the small ones that are nearby join the turn so as not to sink.

For the seventh year, Russia, at the command of the ship’s captain, turns around on the chosen course, while the former world order breaks down. In parallel, all adjacent countries, depending on their geography, according to geopolitical gravity, turn around together with Russia. And those countries that are fastened to a foreign civilisation are bursting at the seams and breaking away in parts towards Russia. As a result, everyone’s course changes, i.e., the world is being changed by Russia.

Vladimir Putin’s Munich speech marked the beginning of a geopolitical struggle, the rebirth of Russia. Today it is impossible to imagine the then haughty faces in the hall listening to the head of Russia with a smirk on their faces. After 10 years, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, does not need to say anything – now, Putin’s silence plunges western leaders into shock or can cause to them have diarrhoea.

But back then it was really necessary to restore the sovereignty of Russia and for this purpose, as in the times of troubles, Minins and Pozharskys, the Susanins of our time, appeared. As Vladimir Putin later admitted , there was no army, no economy, and you will not threaten with “atomic bombs” on every occasion. The West could strangle Russia economically and organize a Maidan.

According to the intended plan, all the main forces capable of destroying Russia were sent along the wrong path. Time has been gained for the rearmament of the army and the mobilisation of the economy. The west has wasted a lot of time and effort in the hope of removing Putin, they have not been able to ignite a Maidan in Russia. And inside Russia, time-tested methods were used for the lightning rod – a good Tsar, a bad boyar, i.e., Medvedev.

Remember the famous expression of Medvedev – “There is no money, but you hold on”. He did not lie, because back then all the money earned by the state was spent under strict control, as it is said in the famous song: “First of all, planes, and then income”. Medvedev was tasked with “being responsible for Putin” – taking the blows at home and working as Ivan Susanin for the west and liberals.

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The coronavirus pandemic has rolled through the world economy, making a kind of test for the stability of the economy and the state structure of individual countries. The pandemic hit the prestige of the so-called “normal” countries of the golden billion especially strongly, exposing the essence of western value systems.

As in the famous fairy tale, the king (hypothetically the west) was naked. Of course, they guessed about this, but the ministers of the king (the advanced liberal elite) instilled in their mentees that the king was still omnipotent and the city upon a hill was eternal. The pandemic test has exposed the long-delayed problems of a cash-flooded west at the expense of a financial advantage over the rest of the world.

Apparently, the coronavirus, designed to bring down the economies of all countries and solve the world economy’s problem of overproduction and sales, has ceased to be manageable. Covid, like “released gin from a jug”, first of all, destroyed the western system. Loosened by the global project of western TNCs, the states led by the US turned out to be very unstable in the face of the threat.

The paradox is that the global project masters of the world and the pandemic, designed to bankrupt nation-states for the convenience of managing the world through TNCs, have paralysed the potential of the western world, including Japan. The “non-democratic” self-sufficient powers have become stronger – especially Russia, which is not associated with a global project.

The global elite – the owners of money – were not helped by their fortunes, with which they thought they were running the world. Some believe that they control the whole world, but it turned out that this is not so – Vladimir Putin ironically remarked about this. To understand the essence of what is happening to the world economy, first we will analyse what happened to the world, and how the US came to the “Black Maidan”.

And how Russia alone overcame the global world. For clarity among a wide range of readers, we use images of perception.

And so, in order: As part of the global project, the economies of the US, the EU, China, Japan, South Korea and a number of other countries were united into a single body like the body of Siamese twins. While the main head in Washington commanded a single body, China grew by leaps and bounds, and the west basked in luxury at the expense of unequal exchange with the rest of the world, everything went as it should.

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But everything was ruined by a Russia rising from its knees, outraged by the brazen racket of the global elite in the face of its new leadership. Meanwhile, the liberal elite of Russia continued to “sleep peacefully and eat delicious food” on expenses of the withdrawal of the richness of a large country. Russia faced an incredibly difficult task – to cover the huge flow of resources moving to the west and stop the collapse of the country.

Russia was not ready to confront the west, which had unlimited resources and financial opportunities. Any serious opposition from the West would suffocate the Russian economy. The west was already inside Russia and supporters of an agreement (surrender) with the west could behead Russia.

Therefore, Putin’s Russia took a different path. At the first stage of the confrontation (“getting up from its knees”) it actively participated in this game as a Trojan horse, while protecting Russia as much as possible. To do this, it was necessary to wake up not only the comprador elite inside, but also their curators abroad, while preserving Russia.

What happened next is well known and approved by Russian society. Events starting with Putin’s Munich speech, the five-day war, the rearmament of the army, the “annexation” of Crimea, the Syrian and oil and gas wars are not a complete list of Russia’s surge of discontent.

The intransigence towards Russia shown by the US and its vassals, acting on the fascist principle “Russians must die so that we can live”, explains a lot. But as Russia grew stronger, the former hegemon also quickly lost its former grip and clear mind. From the Ukrainian Maidan, the downed Boeing and “sanctions from hell”, it has come to kissing the shoes of its black citizens.

Now we return to the image of a large body of Siamese twins (the global economy) with several heads in the form of leading powers. It seems that the creator himself warned, and Putin’s Russia did not enter this bedlam, despite the hysteria of its liberal public.

The multidirectional actions of “senior comrades”, military and economic expansions, the group “pulling the blanket” of the younger members have led to a serious breakdown of the mechanism of the global economy. As a result, the economies of the leading countries began to slip, and then completely fall.

Moreover, Putin managed to dispel doubts among other heads (countries) about the exclusivity of one head (country), then convince some members of the importance of the sovereignty of each individual country. This was the answer for the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century. And here the most interesting question arises: all the main Russophobic countries -irreconcilable opponents of Russia – have entered into one related project in order in order to simultaneously fall?

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History does not know such a simultaneous zugzwang for the leading powers on the world board of the geopolitical game. And the most interesting thing in the unfolding battle of world powers is that Russia is satisfied with any course of history. At the same time, Russia is not a player, but a referee. Now Russia’s geopolitical opponents need to try very hard not to become a “floating by corpse”. It remains to add that not only was Stalin a great strategist, here clearly Putin also did not disappoint and put the main predictor (collectively, the master of the world) in checkmate.

The collapse of the global project led by the US, as a fait accompli, is no longer disputed by anyone. The current collapse of the US can no longer be stopped. Very soon we will see how Russia will oust the former hegemon from the Middle East, the post-Soviet space and further from eastern Europe.

Thus, Russia held down the fort and imperceptibly strengthened against the background of the rest of the world, and it defeated the west by using its own weapons against it. Russia has created a self-sufficient economy and a stable financial system with its global character. Anything that doesn’t kill Russia is good for it.

Now Russia has a completely different task – the principles and methods of restoring Greater Russia. No empire should have multi-vector countries subject to external control in its backyard and soft underbelly. Either the union states with a single space, or the bridgehead of a geopolitical enemy – there is no other way.

Napoleon and Hitler, with a difference of a hundred years, having gathered all of Europe, went to Russia, and the results are known. The US, having gathered all the power of the world economy, besieges Russia with “infernal sanctions”, forcing the whole world to comply with them, and after five years, they themselves crumble. At the same time, Russia simply held its defences and did not appear on the battlefield. On the contrary, Russia has strengthened from sanctions and continues to increase its strength.

Russia today is ready for any cataclysms and has a sufficient margin of safety. By reducing the influence of the west, Russia will further strengthen and receive a new impetus to development. Today, globalists fear Putin’s further actions. At the same time, Russia, not really hiding it, is preparing to force the west to leave the territories of the post-Soviet space, including the Baltic republics.

Akhmet Burhanov

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