S-300V4: Another Line of Defence

In the service of our army there is the S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile system. It is markedly different from both its domestic “fellow” S-300P and S-300V, and from foreign analogues.

The main feature of the S-300V4 system is the possibility to hit targets at a distance of up to 400 kilometers.

For comparison, the PAC-3 “Patriot” missile has a range of attack against aerial targets of only 100 kilometers.

The S-300V4 is able to effectively neutralise aircraft (including stealth), helicopters, drones, medium-range cruise and ballistic missiles, and long-range radar detection aircraft.

Among the other advantages of the S-300V4: the system has become digital (many processes have become automated), high mobility, and noise immunity.

A S-300V4 unit is capable of providing missile defence for an area of 5,000 square kilometers.

At the same time, the system can neutralise 24 aerial targets.

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