SA-23/S-400: Will America Have Enough Brains Not to Cross the Line?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The military expert Alexander Zhilin on how the USA reacted to the placement of the Russian S-300 and S-400 missile systems in Syria.

The US-led coalition, by its despicable attack on Assad’s troops, simply swept the chessboard from the table. All peace agreements were violated. And they were violated purposefully, consciously.

And what can be expected from them? War by the law? Any peace initiative on the Syrian land strengthens Assad’s government, and it’s categorically unacceptable for Americans.

Of course, for the USA, to present ultimatums to Assad, and to blame Russia for the fact that it is fighting on the side of the legitimate president, is as correct as supporting ISIS and other terrorists. We understood it for a long time.

But what they, seemingly, can’t understand is that the Russian Federation is the only legitimate participant of the Syrian conflict, except Assad himself. And by delivering to Assad the S-300 and S-400 systems, we don’t violate any legislation, but only put a barrier against the country that flouts International Law, and which already managed to destroy by bombing some countries in the Middle East even without any mandates of the UN.

S-300 and S-400 is such a powerful means of defense that I personally wouldn’t like to see it in action. I hope that Americans will have enough brains not to cross this line in order to avoid losses. No invisible planes will fly past. They just simply don’t exist anymore since we taught our systems to intercept any signals from zero height till space – there is no blind zone in which such a plane could fly past.

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As for the statement of the representative of the Ministry of Defence Konashenkov, in which he popularly explained it, where some reproached him with exaggerated emotionality. But, probably, nevertheless, it will be better not to teach our Ministry of Defence how to communicate with misters from Washington.

By the way, this morning the answer already came from there. The Americans suddenly remembered about the effect of the memorandum of understanding and other agreements. It seems that it reached someone hotheads there that Russia can behave firmly. The classical style of Anglo-Saxons is, in any unclear situation, to become as docile as a dog who was hit with a stick on the teeth.

I think that all this agitation will settle at once after US presidential elections. It is obvious that owners of capitals – the American military industrialists – are terribly interested in the arrival of Clinton. Hysteria and the cranking of harsh russophobia are both coming from here.

If the USA has plans for the further utilisation of their military systems in the third world countries, Clinton will be ideally suited for the military elite because she is obsessed. She is simply a mentally unbalanced person, who a priori is irresponsible. Such a person doesn’t understand that pressing the conditional red button is followed by colossal responsibility. But before eyes there are only the aims to win, punish, etc. And without any responsibility.

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