“Sacral Victim Used to Intimidate Russians”: How “Spy” Oleg Burak Is Tortured in a Latvian Prison

Oleg Burak, a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia, accused of espionage, described the methods that the State Security Service uses to get a confession from him.

Former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia, pensioner Oleg Burak, detained by the Security Police of the country (renamed the State Security Service – SSS) on suspicion of spying for Russia, wrote an “Appeal to the people of Latvia” about judicial lawlessness. “Baltnews” publishes fragments of his letter.

“Its own Vatican”

Latvia has “its own Vatican”, which lives according to its laws, obeys no one, and does what it wants. It is the State Security Service. On 07.10.2019 I and my family wrote an appeal – an open letter addressed to many state bodies. I asked that the persecution and harassment of my family, relatives, and loved ones by the State Security Service be stopped.

The charge of “espionage” was fabricated against me for leading the fight of a group of officers of the Information Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2005. The revenge of corrupt and embezzlers of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs spilled out into such a delusional charge for the fact that the efforts of the Anti-Corruption Bureau drove them out of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, however, to retirement.

Anyone can find themselves in Burak’s shoes

The SSS tries by any means, up to open banditry, to extract from the elderly retiree, former colonel, and police lieutenant a “confession” of doing something that he never did. I simply appeal to the people by stating that anyone who is honest but not pleasing to those in power can find themselves in my shoes. Be prepared for the indifference, formal replies, and reluctance you may encounter.

The era of rampant Russophobia

In order to get me to confess to committing “espionage” in favour of Russia’s GRU, the SSS persistently harassed me 66 times. I even started counting out of interest. For my fight against corruption in the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2005-2006, which was even partially recognised by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I was avenged via a false accusation of “espionage” allegedly since 1989.

And this is three years before the collapse of the USSR? Lato Lapsa also laughed about it on his website, giving a witness testimony in my favour. And here is the pathetic situation: the SSS cannot prove anything, as there are no facts, no red-handed detention, and anything else. And it’s hard for me to prove my alibi in the distant past. And so they are trying to get me to “confess” via the most gangster and sadistic methods in an era of rampant Russophobia.

Campaign to intimidate Russians

[The SSS] must show that Latvia is in the ring of enemies to distract the people and voters from the difficult living conditions in which the majority of Latvian residents live in. At the same time, it will be part of a campaign to intimidate Russians and their fight for their native language.

Let me remind you that I also started fighting for the Russian language in 2006, when I was dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for this reason, although all documents about knowledge of the state language were fine, which was even confirmed by the Director of the State Language Center in a letter. I was made an “ideal sacral victim” in order to intimidate the entire Russian movement in Latvia.

Truth serum

Whilst being arrested at my house, my ligaments in my shoulder were torn, my hands were twisted. They smashed my head and face so that the whole bed and tablecloth were covered in blood. All the attacks are very clearly visible in the photo on the Internet of me being led to the court. And it is clear that there can be no question of any examination in prison.

It is also vile that that when I was given ephedrine “truth serum”, the investigator, frightened, called me an ambulance (there is a medical certificate for a shoulder injury and head concussion).

But the worst thing is that during this 24-hour search we had 23,000 of money stolen (€15,000 and $8,000). And with my money the SSS ordered pizzas for itself for lunch.

Bandit methodics

Later, notes were sent throughout the prison that I should be beaten up and that serious people would even pay very well for it. The SSS launched its pressurising provocations through its snitches, which they have on a hook. The threats of reprisal against me on 21.12.2018 were even considered at a meeting with the head of the prison security service – in the presence of the head of the prison.

On 25.11.2018 an attempt was made to poison me (doctors assumed that it was a large dose of insulin). A cellmate even called a prison doctor. On 19.01.2019 I was sent poison by prison mail so that I could poison myself (there are 7 witnesses). When I was sent poison for the 4th and 5th time, my fellow inmates (6 witnesses) signed up in my support to do a chemical analysis of this “powder”. Such are the bandit schemes and methods of this “new Vatican”.

Oleg Burak’s business

Oleg Burak has been in detention since October 17th 2018. He is charged with four articles of the criminal law of Latvia, the heaviest of which is Part 2 of Article 85. This Article criminalises “the unlawful collection of information containing state secrets or the issuance of state secrets to a foreign state or to a foreign organisation directly or through the mediation of another person”. The penalty is 3 to 20 years of imprisonment.

Alla Berezovskaya

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