Samara Metallurgical Plant Is Being Taken Away From the Americans

NEW – May 10, 2022

JSC “Arkonik SMZ” (Samara Metallurgical Plant) is a large enterprise for the production of aluminium semi-finished products. It was built already in 1951. More than 3,000 people work at the plant. The company produces a wide range of aluminium products for the space, aviation, shipbuilding, automotive and transport engineering industries. In general, it is a strategic enterprise.

In 1998 the plant was acquired by Oleg Deripaska. This is not surprising, as it were. And in 2005 he lost it to the Alcoa state concern. It is the eighth largest aluminium producer in the world. Since then, the plant has been called JSC “Alcoa SMZ”. And as a legal entity — JSC “Arkonik SMZ”.

Everything was fine, but there is no such thing as a lot of happiness. Our Regulator has established that control over the plant has quietly passed to the Elliott foundation.

The owner of the foundation is Paul Singer. Assets — over 40 yards. Activity — acquisition of debts and bonds of distressed companies and even countries. In order to then successfully “assign ownership” in parts.

This transition came in secret, without approval from the antimonopoly service. The logic is simple — our Regulator would not allow such a thing. That is, they wanted to disassemble the plant elementary into pieces. After learning about this, our people filed a lawsuit. The essence is simple:

To deprive Elliott of illegally obtained control over the plant, which is of strategic importance for the defense of the country and the security of the state.

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And to begin with — to deprive the right to vote in the Board of Directors. So that they could not “cast off” this plant somewhere. The court granted this petition. And there will be a meeting on the issue of property soon. And what decision will be made there — there are no options at all.

In a series of sanctions that are rapidly collapsing on us from day to day, what Vladimir Putin aptly called the “abolition of culture” is especially striking. Well, in fact, “The nutcracker…

These creatures have destroyed many of our successful enterprises by such methods. There are many different schemes for how to bankrupt and then sell off — the main thing is to destroy production. Sometimes they stupidly even just buy out or buy a controlling stake from minority shareholders on the sly and as soon as they have gained the necessary percentage of shares, they immediately begin to act and break the enterprise. The news is good. And Deripaska is still an agent — he recently made a speech , the result of which was: “… and there is no need for any state nationalisations and other such rubbish..” (the meaning of the same words may differ slightly in the original). It feels that at any moment they can pull him away from the usual trough and then his habitual life is over. Such people can finance a coup d’etat in similar situations, if necessary. Our president should not lose vigilance against such persons.

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