Savchenko Responded to the Accusations of Lutsenko After Being Interrogated by the SBU

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Nadezhda Savchenko, having left from being interrogated by the SBU, commented on the accusations of the General-Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko, who in the Verkhovna Rada today claimed that the heroine of Ukraine prepared grenade explosions and the murder of the leaders of the State in the sessional hall.

“Lutsenko once again lied. I was summoned as a witness for interrogation by the investigator Tomasyuk. It was another investigator who carried out the interrogation. This the first thing.

Secondly. The authorities step by step commit crimes. The first crime – if to believe journalists, my dismissal from the Committee on National Security and Defense. I am a member of the Committee on National Security and Defense, and not the secretary or head of it. There is no lawful procedure of excluding a member from the Committee.

The second crime – the introduction of the idea to deprive me of my parliamentary immunity in my absence. Having being in Europe for the last three days, I managed to give testimonies to the legal court of instances of Europe against Poroshenko’s corruption, and against the criminality of our authorities and political persecutions.

The charges of preparing a military coup d’etat and of attempting to assassinate the authorities are good [sarcasm – ed] charges. I am a UAF officer, and as an officer I swore to the Ukrainian people to defend the Ukrainian land. And not at all the Ukrainian authorities. I accuse the Ukrainian authorities of crimes against the Ukrainian people, I blame them for all those deaths that occurred during the current criminal reign of Poroshenko.

I accuse the authorities, and now I call on Ukrainians: if you understand what is going on, if now you don’t assert the right to have a life, to have freedom, you will continue to live worse off than in the terrorist, totalitarian regime in Russia [Savchenko’s words, not Stalker Zone’s – ed].

Further, the same destiny awaits you if you allow yourself to be intimdated.

Ukrainians were always able to rise up. I never called you to come to Maidan, I never wanted the bloodshed of ordinary people. It is always difficult to reach out to the authorities. Where are those who shouted: ‘a bullet in the forehead? Okay then, a bullet in the forehead it is…’? Did at least one of them suffer from this? No politicians died on Maidan!

Now there are many military personnel who understand what is going on. In Russia I fought against the external enemies of Ukraine, in Ukraine I am fighting against internal enemies. I am not afraid. It’s never frightening to fight for the truth, to live for the truth, to die for the truth,” said Savchenko, having refused to answer the questions of journalists.

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