Savchenko: Ukraine’s Problems Are Not Connected with Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Deputy of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Nadiya Savchenko criticized the current government, saying that Ukraine’s problems are not connected with Russia. She stated this during a press conference.

“Everything stopped for us in the country, because our own government cut the oxygen supply… This does not rely on relations with Russia,” said Savchenko.

Also, the Deputy said that the government has betrayed the ideals of Maidan and plunged Ukraine into the abyss of poverty, debt, and a bloody war.

According to her, in Ukraine it is necessary to end the war – this “mess” that is happening in the country, in Donbass in particular. Since martial law allows the authorities to use all resources, including people. She accused Kiev of corruption, which squeezes out the rest from Ukrainians.

“This war could be finished in one day, if they wanted to,” concluded Savchenko, adding that if people want to see her as President, then she will be.

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