SBU “Celebrates” Day of Liberation of Odessa by Raiding the Houses of Journalists

Translated by Ollie Richardson


At around 7:00am on April 10th the employees of the SBU came to search the place of residence of TIMER journalist Nadiya Melnichenko.

The search was carried out within the framework of criminal proceedings relating to certain activities of a criminal group, which planned the creation of the Bessarabia People’s Republic on the territory of the Odessa region. During the implementation of the plan, members of the group allegedly planned the day before the Day of liberation of Odessa “provocative actions directed towards destabilizing the socio-political situation in the city”, in addition with the use of “forbidden communist symbols”.

According to the investigation, Nadiya Melnichenko stored at home propaganda literature or other printed materials (leaflets, banners, etc.) connected with the activity of this organization, or other things that count as proof on these criminal proceedings.

Developments are being monitored.

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