SBU Conducts Mass Arrests For “Separatist” Posts on VKontakte

Translated by Ollie Richardson


During August the Security Service of Ukraine arrested several alleged administrators of pro-Russian groups on VKontakte and “Odnoklassniki”. This was reported by the press service of the SBU.

“It is established that a resident of the city of Vatutino in the Cherkassky region disseminated anti-Ukrainian material on their own pages on social networks. The propagandist was detained at the Kiev railway station whilst returning from Moscow with their latest instructions.

In the capital the so-called press secretary and an active participant of anti-Ukrainian separatist organizations created a number of resources on social networks, which he used to make calls to seizure State power, distribute anti-Ukrainian materials, support the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and promote the ideas of the creation of so-called Novorossiya,” reported the Ukrainian ministry.

They also added that another “separatist administrator” from the Khmelnytsky region detained for posts, “according to the instructions of coordinators in Russia, disseminated material on social networks using resources under his control with public calls to change the boundaries of the territory and the State borders of Ukraine and to anti-constitutionally eliminate the authorities in power, as well as justifying the aggression of the Russian Federation and the criminal acts of the terrorist formations LPR/DPR”.

The SBU particularly blamed the detained “separatist” because in groups he “published photos of dead and wounded participants of the ATO with cynical comments”.

In the Lvov region “according to the instructions of Russian curators, an anti-Ukrainian propagandist created an extensive network of web resources and communities on social networks — more than two-dozen pages. On them the person published appeals to seize State power, and spreaded anti-Ukrainian materials in support of the military aggression of the Russian Federation against our country,” reported the SBU.

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It is known that a number of criminal cases under the article of “separatism” were opened.

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