SBU Contradicts Itself Trying to Whitewash Nazi Collaborator Roman Shukhevych

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Don’t laugh, but the SBU stated that Hauptmann Roman Shukhevych didn’t collaborate with Nazis. Such information contained in the published archival documents is affirmed in the message of the SBU on Facebook.

“The materials that were collected by totalitarian bodies of security not only imprinted the life filled by events, and the fight of Taras Chuprinka (the underground nickname of Shukhevych), but also disprove a number of Soviet myths, in particular the one about Shukhevych’s collaboration with Nazis,” it is said in the press release.

You will laugh, but this statement is disproved by Vladimir Vyatrovich, who at the time published on the website of the Center for Research of Liberation Movement photos of how the saboteur division of the Abwehr “Nachtigall” at sunrise enters Lvov, and Roman Shukhevych is at the head of the column in German uniform.

“Nachtigall” on the streets of Lvov. At the head of the column seemingly is Roman Shukhevych. Photo from the  archive of the Center for Research of Liberation Movement

While the SBU itself as proof of Shukhevych’s anti-Nazism published the interrogation of his wife, where she says that she received products as the wife of a German serviceman!

The Security Service of Ukraine on June 4th, 2017, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary since the birth of Roman Shukhevych published seven documents devoted to his life and activities. Most of them are unknown not only to the general public, but also to researchers. This was reported by the press service of the department.

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In the documents that were published by the SBU there is also a protocol of interrogation of the wife of Shukhevych – Natalya, who spoke about episodes of her life with the leader of OUN, unknown to people in the general public.

For example, in the documents published by SBU Natalya Shukhevych said that during her stay in Lvov in 1942 she didn’t receive any help from Roman Shukhevych, however for half a year she received food products for herself and her children as a family of the serviceman of the German army.

Also Natalya during interrogation said that in accordance to her personal claim through the local German authorities, she received 3000 Polish zloty for the education of children. It was either at the end 1942 or in the beginning of 1943.

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