The SBU Disrupted a Battle of Stalingrad Commemoration Event in Zaporizhia for Fear of “Russian Occupation”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Zaporizhia the SBU carried out a search at the place of the head of public organisation “Victory Regiment” after suspicion of infringing on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. This was reported on the blog the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the last convocation Aleksandr Zubchevsky.

On February 2nd, in Zaporizhia the “Victory Regiment” organisation held an event on the occasion of “75-year anniversary of the victorious completion of the battle for Stalingrad”. According to media reports, a small amount of elderly people came to the event, which took place under the supervision of patriotic activists. Previously the City Council of Zaporizhia tried to cancel the event through the court.

“In Zaporizhia flower-laying at the Walk of Glory in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad wasn’t allowed to quietly take place! The planned action of the public organisation ‘Victory Regiment’ was actually disrupted by so-called ‘pro-Ukrainian activists’. The victory of the Soviet people over Nazis near Stalingrad in Ukraine is now considered as a precursor to ‘Russian occupation’!!! In parallel, the SBU carried out another search at the place of the leader of the public organisation ‘Victory Regiment’ Andrey Ivanov within the framework of a criminal case under Article 110 (infringement on territorial integrity),” reported Zubchevsky.

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